BC Wheel Madness!!!

At last I finally bought a BC wheel…

Pretty dope huh?

Well, After about 2 hours practice I’ve learned to mount(skateboard style) and to ride pretty consistently. I think my record is somewhere around 500feet.

Unfortunately, I have to work till 6 today, so I wont get any more riding in today, but I have all of tomorrow off, so I’ll be sure to learn to hop ASAP.

I made a short 30 second video to show my progress. Enjoy.

thats pretty nice, where did you get it and how much dd it cost?


I was riding for about 5 minutes earlier and the wheel landed about 50 feet in front of me, and some jackass drove straight at it(by now it had fully stopped a good 50 feet in front of him) and ran over the BC. He didn’t stop until I stood infront of his car and made him.

I asked if his truck was ok, out of kindness and he just replied with a “Well, your wheel sure as hell isnt ok” and drove off.

The truck should be expecting a flat tire from a nail or two within a week.

Sigh… :frowning:

What hapend to it. Pictures??

Both Bedford plates bent, hub in a ‘U’ shape, rim bent beyond repair, spokes are now ripped out and bent in most spots.

I sledge hammered the plates back to straightness, but the wheel is totalled, and I just spent my last 40 bucks on a new wheel…

u dint get his liscnece plate ?

dude. that. sucks. i wouldn’t wish that on anyone…

get his license plate if he drives around your area often. and i wouldn’t recommend some “dropped” nails in the road… justmy two pence.

The guy lives up the street here, not exactly sure of where, but I’ve seen him around.

I’m almost starting to think he didn’t stop on purpose. It sure looked like it.

hmm… no one should be able to get away with that.
i say it’s high time for some awesome ninja skills! (of some sort)

it sounds like u were nice with him. thats cool. i woulda been much more rude. and man seein’ that makes me wanna get one too.

Find out who he is, then 3 words:

small. claims. court.

I bet buying you a new BC will cost him less than a day off work to answer a summons.

Wow, he sounds like a jerk! And what a big bad bummer!

If I were you I would SO tell his mommy…

Well, you were much nicer than I would have been if he had run over my wheel. That’s shocking, how can people do that! I guess he’s lucky it’s you and not me then. Awesome video clip though! You picked it up quite well, I have been trying to ride, I have the whole jump onto it thing pretty sussed out now. Well done :slight_smile:

i would never pay a hitman to take out your new BC but if somone ever did well,…i do happen to have one for sale. :smiley:

pics plz


[emotion=anger]Holy crap!!![/emotion]

How the heck did he run it over??? When you said he did I figured that you lived in one of those extremely populated neighborhoods with 20 foot wide roads. But after seeing your video… HOLY CRAP!!! your road is 50 feet wide with nothing near anything! how could he not dodge your wheel?

That sucks! That almost happend to my uni once, but the car stoped.Do you have a bike? take the front wheel of and us that with the plates maybe. Man that sucks!

just wanted to say that is progably the most beautifyl BC i’ve ever seen!
Love the aluminium-look hub, the black spokes… the radial spoking!
I’m very sorry for your loss!

Is maby one of those thingies that is on the surfers foot and on the surfing board…
Then this would never had happended!

Luckily I was able to buy the same exact wheel and replace it…

I plan on confronting him next time I see im and talking to him… in not such a polite manner.

be prepared to umm… “distract him” so you can get his plate #'s.