BC Wheel help

I just got a BC Wheel a few days ago, and I’m doing okay at it…my furthest so far has been around 30 feet.
but every time I get going, I fall backwards. I just can’t help it. it feels like the wheel is going forwards and my upper body is staying stationary, which results in me falling backwards. I can’t get myself to stay above the wheel…can anyone help me with this?

If you lean too far backwards it will slip out pretty fast when you are learning. Are you standing straight up? If you are standing perfectly straight and you are slipping out backwards try to hunch your upper body over the wheel a little more. Definately lean forwards more. I actually was having this problem going backwards on the bc. Basically the same thing happened to me but I fell forward alot because I was too scared to lean back enough. I don’t specifically remember that being a problem for me going forwards.

What Spencer said.

Coasting and gliding on the regular uni will help you develop the necessary feeling and motions. You have to use action-reaction with your upper body, in the very limited balance envelope you have while riding.

Beyond that and more practice, examine what you’re doing in the first 30’ to stay on. That’s a decent distance!

Yay! Evan didn’t say I was a filthy liar this time :sunglasses:

I’ll say it You filthy liar:)



What really helped me was consiously telling myselft to bend my knees and lean forward a bit. This stance puts you in a position where you correct the back-front balence on the wheel quickly instead of a gradual adjustment while riding. I don’t know if it will help you at all, but it’s just a thought.