BC wheel + halfpipe

Has anybody ridden a BC wheel on a halfpipe?

Whilst we’re at it…

Has anybody ridden a unicycle on a spine?

A bc wheel in a half pipe sounds mad, yet really fun if its possible :roll_eyes: It would be awesome if someone has done it and recorded it hint hint

i have ridden a unicycle on a 4 foot spine it is kinda fun but about a 2-3 foot spine is better it is fun to rail ride the copeing and drop in. also grinding then hoping to the oposit side is fun aswell, there is all sorts of things to do on spines thier fun to ride.

Bryan Stevens ride in halfpipes… :smiley:

But it’s hard to see any videos of he riding… He is currently sponsored by Koxx One… You can see he riding in the appetizer of the koxx one dvd: THE ONE


I don’t have the DVD…and i never downloaded it… So i only saw he riding in this little video…

Some members of the forum watched the DVD… :smiley:


“Sponsored” ey?
He said to me that he hasn’t got anything from K1, that seems like no good sponsorship to me.
But still, Bryan is a good BC rider ifnot the best out there.
But tennisnets seems to scare him a bit now :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

Has anyone heard from Bryan? He disappeared a while ago, does he still ride?

hi Spencer!

I think that i saw Bryan name in a photo in Justin Kohse blog/site. I think that was in kohse blog…

Anyway, he was in Koxx One web site! Like a sponsored rider!


Yeah, he’s been sponsored by koxx-one for over a year now and he’s in Justin’s DVD that was also made a long time ago. We just haven’t seen anything recent from him.

Wasn’t Evan that dislocated his shoulder trying to jump over a tenis net?


Yeah that was Evan, he still cant ride from that injury…

Have you got any footage on the spine? I’d love to see it.
I’d love to find a halfpipe near me that isn’t 6 foot tall! We only have big hafpipes and I could do with learning on a 3 footer or something similar.

sorry dont have any fvideo ill try and film some. the biggest thing i droped was a 8 foot quarter pipe and i also did a 12 foot roll in. you cant air in somthing that big but a 4 footer you can and is pretty fun.

I was talking to Bryan recently, he said he will make a new BC vid soon and post it. And he got a K1 Orange Bud for free (I think) from Koxx. These are the stats I know.


There are several vids of Brian on his BC here

Spencer - I saw Brian and Kaycee (KcTheAcy) at NUMEN last July/August

Rick Redmond

Hay I remember Rick!! So is that what you ment by has anyone ridin on a spine? THat was one of the challenge lines at Moab last year… Ive ridin up a spin and rode across the middle, done a 360 off to boot, so its ben done by many I believe. Love seein BCs fly through them though lol

Where did what go?

hahaha, gotcha…I usually dont joke with him bout it to much, poor m8 still not up to par from it, he can only ride a coker…

nope i havent, besides, i dont even know if there is or what the difference is btwn a BC and ultimate wheel is…

A BC or Impossible Wheel is a wheel and plates (or pegs)

An Ultimate Wheel is a wheel and pedals.