bc wheel good or bad

okay my b-day is comming up soon and im thinking i would like a bc wheel so i got a few questions .

are bc’s good for just riding or do you have to go down hill are thay practical?

does a 20" go faster than a trials uni can you learn fast?

can you ride it like a skateboard?

You can ride them on flat or down a hill, going uphill really sucks though. A bc can go alot faster than a trials uni but it depends how comfortable you are on it. I ride mine like a skateboard, push off to get going then when I start to slow down I start pushing again. I don’t think its that practical for transportation, I have ridden mine places and it seems like I was walking for alot of it, it depends though if the place you are going to is downhill all the way then yeah it will be really fast and stuff but on the way back you will be walking.

how is the udc one? i havent heard much about it

bedford PRO= better than udc.