BC wheel for sale - $100 - big stupid knobs hacked off

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the pics didn’t post




Do you wanna to sell the plates seperately? :smiley:
I got a bc wheel, but im using pegs and they’re really hard to use…

Sure thing, I’ll let those go for $90

lol:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Edit: I’ll give you $10 for the wheel :slight_smile: especially if he buys the plates :smiley:

I knew that was coming!

if he takes the plates, the wheel is yours

Thanks :roll_eyes:

:astonished: Awesome wheel and choice of colour Brian. :astonished:

how much do you estimate shipping to 60626 would be?

do you still have

If so what would shipping be to 15014.

How did you cut off the knobs and does it hurt the bc in any way (like plates untightening and falling off)

$90 for the plates? :frowning:
Ill just try to get someone at school to make some for me :smiley: thanks though

I believe the hub uses bolts instead of nuts.


I didn’t see this, sorry…

I hacked 1/2" or so (don’t remember exactly, it was a few years back) off each end of the axle.

I then hucked those huge nuts into nuts have their thickness, they screwed them back on.

The only downside at all this has is minor surface rust on the exposed metal…which easily would be scrubbed clean if desired (and if i sold it, i would of course clean it off)

It was finished with a Dremel tool, so it’s all nice and smooth

I might do that on mine one day. They’re killing my ankles

yep, the very pain I ridded myself with (also, your feet don’t have to ‘bend in’ underneath the posts to land on the foot plates for beginner jump mounters.

people migh suggest they need them for huge jumps, this is not that type of BC wheel, it’s only a ‘freetyle’ one, not a ‘muni’ one.

and you can still jump with this one anyways, the knobs are stil there, just much less annoying (to me)

But can you also jump with it? I mean regular, up the curb, jumps. If you, for example, squeeze your feet together to make friction, would it work?


so $102 usd + shipping?
How big of a hassle is customs and that
or is this only to canadians?