BC Wheel Extroardinaire

This is a video of my friend Conrad Grove tearing it up on a BC wheel.

-Eli Brill

PS- This is is first day ever trying. VERY IMPRESSIVE if I do say so myself.

Wow, some of those falls looked really painful!

Next Bryan Stevens right here. It’s a really good thing he wasn’t trying that jump mount thing on concrete.

I really liked how you made it a circus/old movie video while still being cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone :stuck_out_tongue: I think he’ll learn eventually hahahaha.

Haha nice video.:stuck_out_tongue:
The bails are so great!

BC wheeling looks really hard!!
Enjoyed this vid all the same tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video I do say.
Loved that kid trying to look like a bad-ass and then cracking… very cool.
He was relentless. He’ll get it.

That was great… I was laughing so hard at the falls :slight_smile:
Yes… I still laugh when people fall, I can’t help it :o

I need to get a BC wheel… going to buy one now.

haha! great video. I love the chase sequences at 1:10. :slight_smile: