BC wheel - coming to BUC

Nimbus bc wheel with pink gusset tyre.

Will be at BUC, if anyone wants it there.

I’m thinking £30 + postage (or come pick it up at BUC :wink: )

Picture is old and there are a few more scuffs on it, but you get the idea. It’s not in bad condition at all.

Very tempted :smiley:

you know you want to dane. And unlike my ex-trials parts this BC wheel is not bent, rim is straight and everything!

I really dont think i should as i have just bought my 6th unicycle and have to keep them all in my bedroom

See you at BUC


But i think you should. what have you got in your collection then?

Ooh a 12er,trials,freestyle,muni,36er and have just got a 24"UW

I have ran out of wall space to place them against and so a BC would not help matters

I will think about it tho