[bc wheel] bc wheel is not dead

some bc wheeling stuff by stoine and kristoff, editing and filming by me


– bobousse

really cool bc-wheel riding and well edited as usuall :wink:

Stoine and Kristoff really rocks those bc wheels! :smiley:

nice vid, especially the lakejump-scenes are cool!

go on,

Your much better then me at that. I gave up after I could go a good ways.

Cool video. Approximately how long did you have to practice for in order to be able to do those kinds of tricks (hopping on ledges, drops, ect…) on a BC wheel? I tried one once and after a few minutes of practice I could still barely even stay on it while holding onto a wall.

Best BC wheel video ever.

I like the skinny to the wharf.
This also has to be the most colorful video I’ve ever seen. Especially in the skatepark.
I wonder if anyone has dressed as Thor for Halloween, and road around on BC wheel?

I smiled the whole time watching that.
It makes me wish I had a bc wheel to play with.

Best bc wheel video what I ever seen :astonished:

What plate are you have in your bc ? It is oryginal nimbus bc ? Any photos your bc please.

Awesome video guys!
Look forward to seeing more :smiley:

Woah! That thing is awesome. Some mad skills there!