BC Wheel and Kites

So finally got myself the BC Wheel I’ve wanted for ages, and after a few dozen falls and a short couple successful rides, which left me with an ear to ear grin, there’s a question I had to answer… Can I be pulled by a power kite on it, and be able to ride “forever”?

First some background, I just started unicycling and my balance/coordination probably falls a bit below average. Managed to go maye 20-30 feet after a couple hours practicing with my BC Wheel, but as I was headed out to kite anyway, I threw it in the car.

ATM my BC Wheel consists of foot plates from the amazing Darren Bedford, and then an old 20" Easton BMX wheel with a new tire thrown on (as the old one was ruined). I’m waiting to get shipped a not damaged rim to build up the 26" wheel I really want for doing this…

After a few times, and trying about 3 different mounting ideas (none of which are the normal BC mounts, which I’m not good enough at to try with the kite), I settled on sitting on something a park bench high, feet on the plates angles towards me, and then launched the kite. Best I managed was about 100-150 ft with it, including a down wind tack (going from running perpendicular to the wind one way, turning down wind then headed back to where I started) before I toppled over. It’s definitely doable! Hopefully when I head out this weekend I’ll sucked my wife or a friend into going to take pictures or video.

Super excited about BC Wheeling :D:D:D

What type of kite are you using? I would imagine a lot of this depends more on your skill at flying/piloting the kite than skill on the BC wheel. I’ve been wanting to try something like this with my peg unicycle but I’m not sure about the equipment and a practice location.

waalrus I think it’s going to depend on both skills. I don’t have the balance skills I need yet on the BC wheel to be able to as easily adjust for the kite issues as I’d like.

As for what kite, yesterday was super gusty here, sustained wind of 25mph+ and gusts to 40mph, so I was on a 2.2m PKD Busta Soulfly on a bar or my 3m HQ Beamer. Definitely far far less than ideal conditions. Equipment varies a lot on location (ie your normal wind conditions). That said, a 3 meter kite is the
“usual” starting size for getting into power kites. There’s actually a fair number of power kiters in California if you want some help finding someone to help you try it, aside from kiting on the water (which isn’t so open and friendly, mostly from safety issues), most of us other power kiters are happy to share kites or help people try it out and learn.

Just a thought…Would it help to have loose straps over your feet while kiting? Like the boarders have. Then you won’t be pulled off your BC at the slightest gust :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info! If you practice enough you’ll get comfortable on it. I like my peg unicycle because it’s easier to start on and you have more leverage for balance. I can go on smooth ground fairly easily. There’s a decent size kiteboarding community near where I live but those kites are expensive and can be dangerous. I hadn’t looked at the smaller power kites before but those seem interesting. Most of my free time goes into unicycling but I may have to check them out.