BC wheel action

Here is somevideo of me workin the bc wheel.

I did, however, use the ‘leaning against a wall’ method for riding it, starting atop a hill

You can’t really see it in the clip, but it was a case of speed wobble that knocked me off, although by that time I was not going my fastest during that ride, I was already starting to slow down.

I would be interested in any input from our scientific community who knows what is exactly going on during a speed wobble

I’m not part of the ‘scientific community’, but I believe speed wobble has alot to do with the moon being in the seventh house, Jupiter aligning with Mars, and the gravitational pull of the sun all having an effect on your Karma.

ok i am planing on investing in a b.c wheel very soon. How the hell do you learn?
The only way i can see is to be pulled along then once more confedent letting go… how long does it take to learn to b.c?

the lean against the wall method?
Any tips well welcome

Well…it took me a good week to learn… I’m able to ride it for about 5 blocks. When you are trying to learn the bc wheel, what ever you do, DO NOT LEAN BACK! If anything, you will want to fall forward. My friend tried it and he leaned back, he just about broke his tail bone. Start up against a wall. When you are ready to roll it out and jump on, MAKE SURE WHEN YOU JUMP ON,YOUR MOMENTUM IS GOING AS FAST OR FASTER THAN THE BC WHEEL. Thats about all the tips I can give you.


I didn’t learn by leaning on the wall, I was just using that as a figure of speech:

Leaning on the wall is the easy way to learn how to unicycle, freemounting is the hard way.

I found standing with the BC wheel on top of a hill to be a lot easier than throwing it and leaping onto it, like I would be leaning on the wall if I were on a uni

Tips? Keep your weight low and stay very loose.

So how did you get on the sofa? in the video you seem to do a sort of kick up mount in a way. I gotta say that b.c wheeling looks as though it’s gona rock!
5 blocks i have no idea how big a block is i am from the uk?

you can either roll it and jump onto or do what i did…

stand on one platform with the wheel very angled.

Lift your other foot up before the other foot has a chance to get the ground…picture a side view of a teeter totter

You can also kind of skateboard push the BC wheel to get some momentum going, kicking your other foot on the ground while you have your other leg at an odd enough angle to keep the wheel angled

Silly question: How do you slow down on a BC? Can you wear gloves and hand brake it?


In my still early stages, I have discovered that you can lean the wheel into your leg armour to slow down

Wasn’t able to really see your speed wobble in the video. There is very little in a BC wheel to wobble, unlike a regular unicycle. You might get some uneven rotation due to a heavy valve stem or valve cap, but that’s about it.

It’s also possible the wobble is in you. As the speed (and stress, fear, adrenaline) increases, your body might lose its smooth power delivery, leaving you with a little jerkiness in your movements.

A third possibility is ground features. This would be easy to rule out by riding different pieces of road.

The easiest way to start is to push the tire with your hands a bit, then stand up. A lot less scary than trying to jump on, but a little more “hands on” than using a wall. Starting out on a wall, I find, gets people scraped up a lot. A fence is better, or something you can grip onto.

You stop a BC wheel by falling off, mostly. Or you can rub against your legs (pads or armor highly recommended). Or you could grab the tire, but this would be a more advanced skill due to the required body position. Or you could use a pair of ski poles, like I used to have. They solved the problem of how you go uphill.

It was like the speed wobble of a skateboard that is going to fast, which I think is caused by constant over corrections at the hips and grows increaslingly wobbly

With the wider stance this corrects the side to side wobble of the body, and there isn’t much movement for/aft once you get going

I found it helped me learn by having someone to pull me, and grabbing onto them with both hands. Maybe that’s just me.

yeah thats how i think i might try and learn if i have some1 around to help other wise it’s down to the beach and on the prom and go along the railing there depending on how many people are below.I have had a uni fall off before on to the beach!
still how far is a block?

A city block is like,uh the length of a bunch of buildings in between crossroads…i guess like the square or block were there are houses or buildings and the roads go in a square around it.

i know what a block is but distance roughly i guess most are different but how far would 5 blocks be??? like 1/4 of a mile 1km what?

whoops. Stupid caps lock. thats what i think but i live like 20 miles away from thje nearest block. :slight_smile:

lol thanks for the help!

nobody knows how long a block is… i think it’s somewhere between a furlong and a fathom.