BC Video: Bryan Stevens

before i even watch it… this will be my favortie BC video ever… cuase it wont have lame emo gay music… just good ole pure radiohead… now ill go watch it…


I was incredibly impressed by the spine transfer. Great video, it looks like bcing is getting more intense.

now thats what ive been waiting for… some sweet park riding… soon enough you be able to get some sweet pumping action and get some sick air and stuff over tranfers… its crazy how it only seems monthes ago people were talking about how cool it would be to do some sick park riding… aaahhh i love this sport…


thats was really really tight. the spine was awsome to.

I have watched it a few more times now and I think its my favorite BC vid I have seen. I was getting pretty bored with my bc and couldn’t think of anything to work on and your vid gave me so many more ideas. Right now I think I am going to work more on hand on tire stuff then I will learn the hand on tire shuv it thing…I imagine that stuff getting alot more popular, first one to land a 180/180 wins!:slight_smile:

thats so sweet man! that made my day. :smiley:

I need a bc wheel now, all i gotta do is get a good bike tire, that wont bend, and some good plates, maybe just buy one from bedford or udc =p

bike tyre’s generally dont bend :slight_smile:

Sure they do, how do you think they get them in such small boxes;)

I think we are getting off topic. That’s not always a bad thing though, it helps the thread stay on top longer:)

the little mexican elves help them get the tyre in the box…diiir! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s awesome, it inspired me to learn to ride my brother’s bc. The bc unispin was sick.

Bryan, that’s amazing. Kaycee, nice job with the video; you had some pretty sweet angles. Well done.

We should uni later this week.

Thanks. Yeah, we should ride soon.


that is one sweet vid!!! :sunglasses:

That was some killer riding. As has been said, airing over that spine was awesome. Absolutely scrumtrulescent. Keep it up.

BC trials!!! That would be really dumb…squeezing a freespinning wheel in between your legs…no…Ill stick to street type stuff. Thanks for the replys.

what does “BC” mean, and don’t say “Before Christ!”:smiley:

Amazing riding, really amazing. I loved the log ride towards the end. I’d really like to see more of that. Are you braking when you roll down the stairs?


who needs legs, get a bigger wheel and be able to hold it with your hand =p

You should try it, its really easy to hop in place but going up anything is really hard. There would be no point of doing trials on a BC wheel, you cant actually use it as a bc wheel, you would be better off putting plates on a uni wheel so it won’t slip away as your hopping up but then it would just be completly pointless.