BC Video: Bryan Stevens

Here is the BC video featuring Bryan Stevens.


Music: Radiohead-The National Anthem

Filming and editing: Kaycee

Woah, big file!

is it good?

Just watch it, from what I’ve seen Bryan is getting crazy good on that BC…

cant, ive got dial-up

but i will when i go to me mums

hey that was really good. your (brian) really good at those hand ww and keeping your balancing going slow. (something i really need to work on, any suggestions?) the spine transfer and stairs line was good too. how tall is that spine?

i wish i had a gym like that to practice in.

EDIT: yeah were was the avatar jump?

Yeah, I liked were he did the zig-zaggy wall hand pushing it.

Hey, you didn’t get the jump in his avatar on film?

That was definately worth the wait! Awesome riding and some really creative lines. I liked the footage from the skateparks, it’s cool to see someone dropping in on quarter pipes and stuff, that’s the direction this sport needs to go!

Hope to see more soon!

Woah, that was awesome. Those skate parks look like they were meant for BC. The 5? set jump was really nice. Filming was really good too. Hand walking a 20" hurts my back alot…You have alot more control over it with your hands that I do, I can’t really lock it inbetween my legs really either. You are really close to a 360, just need the last 90, but thats alot closer than I am. I finished a movie today too, it has a little BC in it but my computer doesn’t have enough memory to save it:(

I dont ride a BC nor do I have interest in killing myself doing so, but that video was awesome, and I loved the music choice. I watched it atleast five times in a row.

Suh-weet! Thanks for the extra-high-quality file. This flick got me to say “damn, son!” a few times… the jump over the spine was especially sick. Keep the cameras rollin’… I want more!

That was amazing, be kool to see you do some BC Trials, im sure you could do it =p

Fuckin sweet video bry, glad to see your putting those plates to work.


I dont know how to help you with riding slow…uuh…practice??:o

That spine was probably 2.5-3ft. No kaycee didnt film my avatar…video camera wasnt working.



that was sweet

Sweet :astonished: !
Now i have another reason wy i should buy a bc wheel.

nope, he’s not human after all

Very sweet vid man!

Keep up the good work! I can’t wait until all of my term papers and exams are done, so I can get out of the learner phase of BC Wheeling, and attempt to get at least halfway as good as you!


hahaha NICE ONE Bryan!!

Dayumn I’m really impressed… too bad there wasn’t a Toque this year or you could’ve busted out some moves in Toronto!

That ruled. I’m still learning to BC, but I want to be just like you when I grow up.