BC Video: Bryan Stevens, Trippin On BC.

Could you a SMALLER FILE version of the video for those of us who only have dial-up? Thanks!

For everybody that diden’t like the music or editing in that last video, This new remake is for you!


6 months???

I could do that.

damn that kid is great awesome man… Im am very very impressed it’s the bc movie that impressed me the most so far… expecialy that stair case… awesome man

I wouldn’t normally do this but since you already reloaded would you mind putting up a quicktime version too? My comp isn’t taking wmv. right now. You don’t have to, just if its not too much trouble.


Hey do you mind if i upload this on google video??

Haha,I didnt get to ride it much during winter…and I got it about a month before it started snowing:) .


DO IT!!:slight_smile: (I guess)

I ll do it

ok i wont

cool video

.mov files are up. http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=20807
Both of them.

Im gonna build a 24" now

Im gonna build a 24" BC now.

massachusetts?:stuck_out_tongue: u guys suck

Nice Movie

That’s a pretty cool movie. Brians so good at the bc. In my opinion that was a great movie and Brians got really good skills at the bc. I think that’s the best movie you’ve made yet, but also liked rye airfield. All I got to say is Cool Vids.

Omg bro, thats some of the best bc riding ive ever seen, I liked the down ramp where you jump on the bench on the way down, im not srue how to describe it… But the music was actually pretty cool to me…Ohh and Spence, gettin tired of your driveway how does an amusement park sound to ride in ;)?

long load but it was definitaly worth it.

I haven’t commented on this movie yet, so…

I thought it was very nicely filmed and edited. Most films just have normal clips of riding and some song that everybody already knows, but this one was more “art-sy”.

Killer riding! You need to start figuring out some cool tricks to work into your lines, then you will become the BC God!

awesome riding man!

Ya, thats what Im going to work on next;incorperating tricks into skatepark riding. And also being able to 180 on quarterpipes so I can do some long runs. Thanks!