BC Video: Bryan Stevens, Trippin On BC.

Riding: Bryan Stevens
Filming and Editing: Kaycee Stevens
Filmed in Massachusetts.


Music: Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors
Turn up the Volume.

Nice movie!!

Awesome man.

Massachusetts? Dang you guys must have been doing a lot of traveling…

Sweet video bry.

Yet again, Bryan blows the lid off the park with his BC wheelin’. Very impressive stuff!

One comment about the video… it appeared that some of the scenes were cut too short. I really didn’t like the clips that were ~1 sec. It kinda killed the “flow” of the video.

it was really good. but like amanda said the music sucked. but killer ridin

Adding a bit to Maestro. The music was bad, lol, the riding was very impressive. Try to edit out so many mounts and dismounts. BC wheeling is very flowing and the editing should match it. Also the reverse thing is getting old, (that sucks too since it is in my vid now, but i’ll have to change it up). Good good good stuff though.

Bryan, that’s sweet. The music was a little off, but the video was great. Agreed, maybe only one scene should have been reversed, but it’s nice to change things up with it.

It was funny how almost all of the skaters were watching Bryan instead of skating…

I geuss Ill have to look into some music from the Tony Hawk game series or maby some Green Day for the next video.

that was some fly riding…


I think the music goes well with the video.

Nice, the riding is awesome, I have to go to a skatepark now:) I didn’t like the editing as much as in the last vid. The music sounded kind of like mumbling into a microphone but I know I hate it when people comment about the music in my movies…
My favorite part was either the flip in the foam pit or when the bc gets shot up and over the quarter pipe. The grinds were really nice.
I think BC wheeling has to move in the direction of combining stuff like you do with actual tricks. BC so far is just hopping, ramps and grinding and all the tricks are done on flat. I reallllly need a car, my driveway is getting boring:)

Thanks for all the compliments on the riding:)

But I would appreciate it if you stop saying you don’t like the music. It doesn’t help anything.

Dude that was sweet!!! how long have u been BCing??

Personally, I liked the music a lot. It went with the lighting, and I just liked it.

The reverses were less good, but the overall quality is just awesome. the riding is GREAT, especially how big some of those ramps you were dropping into were. good stuff.

i wish i had a big brother like you…

anyway… that was flippin GNARLY! cant wait unitl i get my bc wheel. all i need are plates now

Amazing, again. That line with the bench in it took some real guts. And loved the rail ride!


Umm…Ive probably had my BC for 6 months or so…
Thanks for all the compliments on the riding!
I had nothing to do with the backwards scenes in the video though;)

I liked just about everything in that video, the riding, filming, editing and music were all great.

I don’t know why so many people have a problem with the backwards editing, okay so it’s been done before but so what? So has probably just about every other editing trick you can think of. What matters is whether it’s done well and benefits the video, which I think in this case it does. Personally I thought the music fitted in really well too, I have to admit though that the first time I heard that song I didn’t really like it, it’s more the kind of music that the more you listen to it (and the rest of the album it’s on), the more it grows on you.

The riding was nuts, especially the bench and the stair sets! Bryan, how close are you to being able to ‘kickturn’ on the quarter pipes? If you could do that, you could start linking up lines, which would be pretty awesome.