Bc vert

Think it’ll ever come? today I had the oppurtunity to ride at a skate park and try riding a half pipe (it didn’t work out to good). But I did work at a bowl and got pumping down so I could cruise into it and found out how to drop in(which hurts). So think there’ll ever be vert bcing? I kinda rode normal stuff crappy cause I was using a 3/8" back wheel:o . When I get an upgraded wheel I’ll get halpipes down;)

Ps:What is the absolute cheapest 14mm wheelset setup? I don’t care much as long as its stronger that a 3/8ths axel.

Bryan Stevens has dropped into huge halfpipes, aired off of 6’ spines and he’s done bowl riding too.
I have done small half pipes but I never really get a chance to ride at skateparks.

sweet. Were can I find any of bryans vids? I’ve on;y found 2 that were bcing.

Holy geeze! Do you have that on video? :roll_eyes:

He won’t show anyone his new stuff because he is going to be in Evolution and doesn’t want to ruin it.

Oh, damn now I’ll have to buy that.:frowning:

Cheapest wheelset is a Joytech hub and a cheap Alex rim.

so when do we get to see a vid off you ‘‘almost landing everything’’ including the backflip off the picnic table ?

is he better than u
once i get good im gonna air a half pipe

Based on the videos I have seen, yes.

I think we would all like to say that. Haha.

Once I get good I’m going to do a 1080 unispin. Once I get good.

Yeah hes better than me. He also rides a LOT more.