bc unicycle i found this video

i found this video of a person on a unicycle but it was like a bc wheel click here to watch if you know what its called how i can build one or where i can buy one pleas reply or send me a pm

I can’t see the vid

Send me $80 +shipping and I’ll send you a nimbus bc, barely ridden with a moderately worn primo tire.

…Or you can get one new off of UDC (unicycle.com)for $135 or something like that… OR you can call Darren and get a really good one.

Why would you want one.

Coasting device, good source of entertainment, and you can hop over stuff:)

its like a bc olny not as hard

He just got a wheel and fork off of a bmx bike and the ID of the tube happened to be 25.4 so he put a uni seat/post in it.
It is harder than a bc wheel for a couple reasons. It has pegs at the axle so your center of mass is higher than on a bc with lowered plates. Also the seat doesn’t help you at all, you are basically standing over the seat but it limits the motion of your hips.

thanks spence i was jus about to ask you about that