BC uni

I just got an idea that it would be cool if I make a BC uni. So, Im wondering now, what to use instead of foot plates. I just want to convert my old uni into a bc one. I was wondering if i used the pegs like on a BMX.
But, have anyone tried that?
Are the pegs welded to the wheel somehow, or can they spin freely, so I can put my feet on?

You’re better off just buying a new bc from bedford.

here is a bc uni with pegs:


I’ll decide in spring, or earlier, if there’s no snow. I’ll see if the idea will still attract me.

Wouldn’t pegs be much more difficult to ride than plates? Side to side balance would definitely be harder.

Why should it be harder?

you have to buy a freewheel hub you cant use a uni wheel.
if i rember correct. :roll_eyes:

just use the front wheel from a freekin BMX! -you get your freewheel, rim, tyre, axle, and pegs. then you take the fork that that wheel was bolted to and you have a frame. stick your unicycle seat on there and you are all set.

Too bad I dont have a BMX:D

I was thinking something like the glider uni thread. Just instead of welding the plates on the frames, I would use BMX pegs I would buy somewhere and fortunately install them instead of pedals.

That’s the original idea:)

kk, well i made a BC wheel with my BMX pegs, it would work ok, but, i have a 24 inch wheel and i cant keep without hitting my upper legs, so im moving down to a 20 inch when my dad and i go out to a bike shop.

You can’t manage it because it has pegs.

If you put BC Plates you’ll be fine.

Hey didn’t Spencer make one of those?

Actually I’ve forgotten my train of thought as to why horizontal balance would be more difficult, but pegs would be much less stable for the same reason that Bedford Lowrider plates are more stable than higher plates; something about the Lowriders being farther from the axle. I think it’s the same reason that balancing a long object on your hand, such as an oar, is easier than balancing a pencil on your hand, and why a giraffe is easier to balance than a smaller unicycle.


bc wheel with pegs rather than plates are still perfectly ridable. it’s just A LOT harder.

This is the bc uni I made a long time ago.
I actually bought a longer axle for my bc and put bearings on it for the frame. It got old pretty fast.

dang thats nice, i dont have anymoney right now, so i cant buy the plates, anyone know where i can get some cheap plates?

k, im exited, we are (my dad and I) are getting a 20 inch free rolling wheel, then we have extra peddles, then making a little bar out of steel, then attatching the peddles. Here is a pic of what it will be, well a version of it!!!

thanks for the tips guys!!! and girls lol.!

Wow, thats a nice one. I like the color