BC tricks

Ok I am hoping to get a BC wheel in the near future and I want to know some tricks I could learn. Even if a begginer couldn’t do them still post them and I maybe could learn them later on or someone else could learn them

Anyone else find that funny? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you could do a tire grab? Or maybe some spins… shifty?

I edited it so it should be good now

two really good tricks that you should learn are to mount and to ride.
umm… seriously jumping up and down stuff (like curbs) is a good one. being able to do it repeatedly is also good

Umm, tire grabs, back tire grabs, plate taps, shifty, table top, one footer, no footer, elevator drop, grinding, airs, flipside riding, foot skims, backwards, 180s, half and half’s, 360s, fakie 180s, hand walk, bcspin, body spin, shuv it, varial…just off the top of my head.

ok all those should keep me busy since i still have to learn to mount it and ride it before i learn tricks

Wow. I wish I knew what it all means.

wouldn’t tire grabs be painful do to the spinning tire?

Not really. I learned this awsome trick where it’s like a tyre grab but your rolling forwards then when you grab you push the tyre backwards hard and if you do it right you land and end up riding backwards.

hah same here

Heres what they mean:

Tire grab: Jump up into the air, grab the tire, let go, land.

Back tire grab: Same as above just grabing the tire behind your legs.

Plate taps: Jumping into the air, touching the bottom of your plate with your hand.

Shifty: jump into the air, twist the bc 90 degrees in one direction, then 90 back.

Table top: jump into the air, turn the bc so thats its parelell from the ground.

One footer: Jump into the air, take a foot off, put it back on, land.

No footer: ride, jump off the bc and land back on.

Elevator drop: Ride with the plates upside down, jump, plates flip to normal position, land on the plates.

Airs: lard hops over things, off things, down things.

flipside: riding with the plates upside down.

foot skims: One foot wheelwalk.

Half & Halfs: Trick i came up with, 180 and 180 back instantly while rolling.

handwalk: pushing the tire along with your hands.

bc spin: holding the bc with your hands, spining it and landing back on.

Body spin: jumping off the bc, spining 180 and landing on.

shuv it: bc spin without using your hands.

varial: 180/180

Nah, its more like a tap when I do it, I don’t actually grab it so it stops moving. If it hurts you then put on a glove or don’t do tire grabs.

That is fun to do. I think Evan was the first to do those, I copied him shortly after;)

I call that a body varial, I meant your body spin thingy. Put your hands on the tire, take one foot off, swing it around the bc, put it on the other plate then put that other foot on the plate your first moving foot came from. That was a horrible explanation.

you know what u wanna learn to do a pop-shov-it on a bc wheel. im gonna be the first to coplete this(if no one else has)

Uh yeah, that was in the list that I typed above. It has been done, I am not sure if anyone has done it well rolling yet but I think so. It is not easy, how good are you on a bc wheel?

If his BCing is as good as his spelling, then he shouldn’t be very close to doing anything on it!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: JK.