Bc tricks: What do you want so see in a vid?


The doc cleared me for riding again and i have been riding alot the past few days, i have some tricks im working on, but i could use some more. Im looking for insperation for tricks and such.

Do any of you people have any ideas on tricks i could try? Not anything too impossible.

Jump high in the air, while in the air kick the bc down so it bounces off the ground then land on it. I don’t think it is impossible but I think it is the closest thing you can do to a crankflip (my plates always spin when I drop it).

If you can do that then I will be supremely amazed.

There are much easyer ways to go at a plateflip, you ride with one of your feet on the top of the plate, then hop and shove down on the plate. The plates spin around about 6 times before you are ready to land on them. But this is still really hard to land, also i dont like air tricks, i like to stick to solid tricks.

Maybe some flatland stuff then?

Yeah thats mostly all i do now, So im open to any flatland tricks.

umm you could do a stall on top of a ramp (1/4,1/2 pipe)

or wheelwalk hahah-maybe too impossible?

umm do a 1/2 kickflip

ok im getting too impossible… maybe

hm- idk how good you are but try to catch air in a 1/2 pipe
that would be awesome

I’m steering away from any high airing and big skatepark stuff for now, i dont want to break my arm again.

ok, but im just curious if anyone can wheelwalk a BC?

2ft? No. Somepeople call a footskim wheelwalking, but its not, its a 1fted stillstand with an occasional push to edge your way forward.

would it be possible if you were going fast tho??
it seems like it, but im not good enough @ it to try it

and i did mean 2ft wheelwalking

i got one…

ride up to a ramp that is not stepp and is flat, go about half way up, roll to a stop, grab tire(to stop), body varial, ride down

hope tha makes sence

The faster the worse, you would frist need to learn to be able to stand up onto of that, its a very small area of ballance.

Il give it a shot


roll to a stop, grab wheel, lift up left foot, swing it over the wheel, switch feet on right plate, unispin/varial out of it

hope that also make sense

how about these:

  • double half and half- instead just doing 2 180s, do at least 4 or more
  • backwards tire grab
  • shifty tire/plate grab
  • tabletop
  • backwards half and half: ride backwards do a half and half and then keep going backwards
  • backwards foot skim
  • see if you can land the 360 (youll probably get it soon im guessing)
  • 2 handed tire grab- like grab the tire in front of you and behind you
  • pirouette
  • pirouette to foot skim
  • late 180
  • maybe some kind of idle by doing a foot skim back and forth
Ok thats all i can think for you now (im thinking you might be able to do some of these already)

Iv done almost all of those.

whats a tabletop?

jump up, then bend your legs to make the whell flat like a table, like its sitting on the ground(disregard the tilt from any extensions:axle, plate, etc)

Seems like a good way to turn your lower limbs into meatloaf.

Shove-it(No handed BC spin while rolling). It can be done.

It has to be executed all in mid air, thats very very hard, its a long way off.