BC Trials

How would you go about doing this it must be rolling trials.

Come on people! Is it just rolling trials because you can’t really do stand stills on a bc.


Wait, are you asking a question?

You can still stand on them, you can hop static, it feels stupid, But yeah it can be done.

Rolling trials can be hard because you dont have much correction time sometimes.

How would you statich hop and still stand without it rolling away? And yes I am asking a question

Well you said it has to be rolling, so are you asking how to hop up stuff? I really don’t get what you are asking.

If your lean the wheel against your leg then it will lock and you can hop around static. It is really stupid though, BCs are meant to coast.

Using your leg into the tire. It will hold it quite strong, in some cases you can stop yourself at slowish speeds with your leg.

Oh, yeah that does sound awkward I’ll just do rolling trials. Any Ideas for a course or somthing?

Pallets, boxes, skinnies, drops, sandwich boards…

ok thanks