BC & Trials ...and Errors!

Took my trials uni and BC wheel to a local rock garden, but was soon told by the “curator” that I couldn’t ride there, but he was very cool about it.

I managed to get some footage before that, including a couple nasty falls! I guess I’m still a bit “tentative” about more risky stuff since I still have a sprained finger and hematoma on my back from a recent fall.

(Note to self: being “tentative” and not confident can lead to mistakes and MORE injuries! :roll_eyes: ) But my bird sure got a good laugh out of my misfortune! :smiley:

Your sense of humor sometimes disturbs me.

How hard is it to ride a bc wheel?

How so?

Parrot cackling like a witch, I may be scarred for life lol. :wink:

Haha, yeah, it fell over by accident but it looked funny so I used that take.

Very cool. What BC wheel is that?

I wondered how you made it look like it fell over by accident. :roll_eyes:

I had the plates custom made several years ago by Evan Bryne, and I bought the [bmx] wheel and put it all together.

Downhill BC is scary, but FUN!!! You just keep gong faster…and faster…and FASTER! Also some steep climbing on my “Black Hawk Stealth”!

My New BC Plates!

Just got these back from the welder, and he did a great job. Can’t wait to try them out! I may drill one more hole a bit lower just to have the extra drop length option. Right now the foot plates are about 1/2" higher than my original plates.