Bc Tire Review: Dyno Fireball



ok…looks lke a bandage O.o

well, not hte kidn to mop up blood, to help sprains and stuff.

Ah, I see what you are talking about now…kind of. Well, not really, but I think I get it…No that makes no sense. Oh well. That’s great! As long as it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, you misspell “hear”, “come on”, “their”, “forum”, “experience” yet you can correctly spell all the vulgarities? What does that say about your vocabulary? It suggests to me that your opinion matters very little to me.

I suspect, of course, that mine matters very little to you though. So, I guess we’re even.

Next time try to be a little more articulate and a little less vulgar.


News Flash: Its called a Ace Bandage.

Shut the F****** up you F**** F******* S********* F*****

hahah, you deffinately improved my forum experience! If he had such a problem with it, no one was making him read it.

Actually, dear, the correct usage would be “News Flash: It’s called an Ace Bandage.”

You’ve quite a mouth on you dear. If you can’t control your cursing, at least try to pay attention to those apostrophes. It’s a common mistake to leave out the apostrophe when forming the contraction of “it is”. Similarly, if you want to form the possessive of it, it’s its.

This has been an interesting thread to read, if only for the update on the failings of our public schools. I haven’t been paying close attention since I retired. You do attend a public school, don’t you dear?


He “home schools”.

And Evan, I think you need to recount the number of *'s you put in :slight_smile:

Another tire that might be good for bc wheeling, based on what you were saying, might be the primo (?) comet. After seeing what the tread was like, I really wanted to give it a try. all smooth and stuff.

I wish I had like a thousand bucks to just buy a ton of tires and try them out.

yep yep… thats what I did about what now 6 months ago ? only difference is that ppl WONT hate evan for this dono why they hated me tho… but yea evan Im on ur side… idiots they are

Ok, this thread has already turned in to a debate about cursing and spelling so I don’t consider this a threadjack any more.

All this talk about cursing ruining “the forum experience” I can´t understand.

What really ruins the forum experience is when someone posts something fully understandable, but maybe has some small curses in there, and suddenly 10 people starts to post like 100 post just to tell him how to spell or to tidy his language.

English is not my first language so I know I make some strange sentences and spelling errors. But now I’m almost afraid to post on RSU beacuse Ms Ayelery might read it and post something to correct me.

I can deffinately see where you are coming from Fexnix. I don’t post much, because I feel that people are to correctional about other people’s post. It really does kill it. So what if someone misspells something, or uses a curse word. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you have a problem with someone’s language/grammar, DON’T READ THE GOD DAMN THREAD!

noone will complain if your english isn’t perfect. That’s not the issue under debate.

Some people just don’t like swearing, and also consider this forum to be quite ‘tame’, and would rather you didn’t swear. Not swearing is simply a matter of politeness, and I for one don’t care what words you use, but there are some who do, and that’s why I don’t swear on the boards. Show some maturity, dude.

youre a cool guy evan, and a great bcer-but try to keep all this off the forum man.

Yeah, the comet is really nice on a bc. I had one on my 20" for a while and it was nice. But then I traded my 20" to Evan for a 24".

That tire looks nicer than the hookworm, too.

You just need a kick-ass white valve cap though…