Bc Tire Review: Dyno Fireball

Well, Not many of you might know this, but leg “Eating” is a huge problem on Bcs. Leg “Eating” can be very annoying and screws up a lot of tricks unless performed with expert precision. On my most resent and favorite Bc I put a Maxxis hookworm on it. For those that don’t already know, the Hookworm has tiny “Bumps” or “Knobs” on it that at first glance would look harmless, but those damn mini bumps eat the living shit out of your leg when you try to do anything. 180s are almost impossible with the hookworm, tight turns will end it your ass being handed to you by the ground. The hookworm is even worse than a Wildlife Duro Leopard tire.

So, after many bifs, stacks, crashes, and bails I decide fuck that and I pop on my old Dyno Fireball.

Whoa what a freaking difference, 180s are so much cake, and turns you don’t need to worry about leg eating. Another sweet aspect of the fireball is its fat as hell, which means awesome compression and snap for 180s and huge hops. So far I havnt noticed any bad things about the tire. For anyone who runs a 24" Bc I highly recommend spending the 40 bucks for a fireball and running it. The tire is really easy to instal too, its slightly larger than a normal 24" which means you can practically instal it with your fingers.




come on is it that hard not to type words like that?!

why not just wear 661’S and dont get ur legs eaten ?

oh comon, does anyone hear really think it takes away from thier fourm experince by having “fuck” and “shit” on the fourm? Freakin PG movies have that now adays.

#1: 661s have 180 degree protection, on ocasion i get burned on teh back of my leg where the 661 will not protect against.

#2: I can’t bend my legs well enough wearing 661s as I’d like to when hoping.

#3: I wear ace wraps under my jeans which works perfectly.

ahh aight

Huh. Ace wraps. Never woulda thought of that… Pretty smart though… They’re cheap and they work that well? Cool…

Yeah, you can pop them anywhere on your leg to what ever wheel size your riding.

The fact it shows up in PG movies is irrelevant to whether that kind of language takes away from the forum experience. To your question, I’ll say Yes, someone hear (sic) thinks it takes away from their fourm (sic) experince (sic). Am I offended? Nope, I was using such language and showing how cool I was decades before you were born. But do I want to read it in a forum where I go to relax and trade ideas with people? Nope. You go back on my Does Not Exist list…not sure why I took you off this last time.

Fine, it stoped.

i also dont think a 14 year old should be using that kind of language.

Why F****** not?

I think that was a joke


fire ball 003.JPG

I don’t think it is a bad thing using language like that, it has pretty much become common place anyway. But back to the topic at hand. It’s a great thing you have found a good tyre. I will have a look for one down here for my bc. Oh, I went to look at getting parts for it today. They were such stupid people!

I love you…

I’m not IN love with you though

i love you too.

I have a kenda kimbuzut (sp?) and you het leg bite easily…

do you just have to ride bowlegged like a well hung cowboy?

and what are some tips for learning skate mount?

well, wear ace wraps, get a slight high psi tire, and learns to push the plates corectly to keep it out of your legs.

forgive my ignorance, but what the hell are ace wraps?