BC Skilz.

I grinded that alot of times but once I rode away from it, I moved on to something else. I am not allowed to unicycle anywhere but my driveway and front yard so I dont have anything else to grind. I want to make stuff out of metal but no luck yet…wood sucks for grinding. :smiley:

man that sucks

Yeah how come you can only ride in your driveway? Thats like the worst thing ever.

How do you coker, and muni, and stuff?

Good luck with the grinding.

Well i can ride around like in a mile loop but i cant go anywhere just to ride and hop on things because my mom thinks ill kill myself then be stranded somewhere alone…pff. ya, it sucks, my driveway is sort of big not really but i have room to ride. Lately i have been doing more freestyle type stuff because i can do that anywhere. How do i coker? well i live on a hill with 110mm cranks so my mom wont let me go anywhere because she says it goes too fast… and apparently my brake doesnt work but evan wont give me the thing that mounts it under the seat to try. Even if i did coker somewhere, there would be no way for me to ride back home, its a huge hill (i can do it easily on my 20" and 24" but not on a coker with really short cranks) so i just ride around in circles sometimes, it doesnt get ridden that much. How do i muni? I dont. But i want to:D

I don’t know I tried some at TOque and they felt reallly solid. I’ll buy yours or trade you a CX maybe.


Dont get long plates, The suck for hopping, and tricks, when i ride my short ones i some times put my toes under the bolts for tricks, if you do that with the long ones they tilt back and make you fall on your face. Trust me, they arnt worth it.

hey Evan.

can you mesure your Bedford plates and post in Fexnix’s thread ?

Hey Evan, how about video of you riding then?

Riding what?


WHOOOOOO!!! DANCES!!!SINGS!!! WHOOO I just cleared a 16.5" bc wheel hop!!! WHOA BABY!!! And i have it on videos for you devils that dont belive me.

I also cleared it by 3-4"! WHOOOOOO!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Awsome! nice job.

Sooner or later, people are going to have to figure out BC hop records…

Jeff holds that, and i think hes gona hold that for a lllllloooonnnnggggg time.


pull out that 400 dollar wheel and join the measurment thread. its good reseach since the variations are getting more broad and ever changing.

also, are you back on the old wheel since you didnt like the bigger plates? what about the Dyno tyre? i dont see you using that either.

the 24" bc is forsale, i didnt relize how heavy it was going to be, its great for droping and offroad/cruising stuff, but other wise its not what i want/need.

Ill buy the hub and tire:D I hate that 24" bc, it rubs my knees and hurts really badly :angry:

Come on kid. DO IT! I’m starting to think you cant messure.