BC Skilz.


I was wondering what tricks you guys have cooked up for the BC wheel, and which ones you can actually do/land? I have been BCing like a mad man recently, I rarely ride my normal unis anymore. I also encourage everyone to at least try one if not buy one.

Here are the tricks I can Do/Land (I am listing the ones I would think out of the ordinary):

Kick up mount
Tire grab
No footer
Jump Mount
Unispin mount

Here are the tricks i am working on:

Hand Idle
Tire Grab/No footer
1 footing

Tricks i have thought of but only wish i could do:

180 To backward riding
Ride Down Stairs
Hand rail grind

wowww…you’re pretty amazing. I REALLY wish I had a BC Wheel so I could try some of those. how in the WORLD do you do a no footer on a BC Wheel??? do you just jump off and like kick your legs out, then bring them back…? well. that’s still quite amazing.

one that I thought of that’s not on your list, and I don’t know how possible it would be although I know it would be terribly hard… it’d be like a rolling unispin, only how you do it is you jump off the platforms and spin your body 180 degrees, then land on the platforms again and keep riding backwards. I’m quite sure it’d be possible, but I know it wouldn’t be easy.

That sounds to me like Evans’ “180 To backward riding.” Unless he meant to do a 180 without jumping off. In regular Freestyle language, a 180 is a unispin.

I did not understand most of what Evan described. Could you spell out what those various tricks are?

  • Kick up mount - I get that one

  • Tire grab - While doing what?

  • Shifty - Wha’ts that?

  • No footer - What’s that?

  • Jump Mount - Ouch!

  • Unispin mount - Cool.

  • Pedaling - ??

  • Idle - ???

  • Hand Idle - ???

  • Tire Grab/No footer

  • BCspin - Different from a regular spin?

  • Pirrioute - Only one “r”. I understand that one.

  • 1 footing - Seen it, but only on a modified BC.

My cool BC trick, which may be included in an upcoming video, is rolling into a spin, and rolling out backwards.

And going uphill, with the aid of ski poles!

Tire grab- Hopping up and grabing the tire, can be mixed with many things, off drops, up curbs, over stuff.

Shifty- Really hard for me to explain, just jumping and turning your bc and lower body 50 or so degress then turning it back, can be mixed with stuff also

No footer- jumping off the bc and landing back on, or grabing the tire and taking you feet off then puting them back on

The jump mount, or at least the way i do it, it i walk at a normal pace, while walking, drop the bc, and on its second bounce jump on

Idle- Iv been trying to find a way to do this, either just pivioting with your hips, and swinging it back and forth, or puting you hand on the tire and rocking it back and forth, or puting a foot on the tire and rocking it back and forth

pedaling- bacicly like the skate mount, but if you slow down too much just take a foot off and give it a push

Hey even

Sound like your pulling off some cool tricks, I’d really like to see the no footer and the tire grab. Another trick you might want to try is a table top (while in the air angle the BC with your feet so the wheel is parallel to the ground).
Trick I have landed

  • riding down stairs
  • shifty – 90o turn in the air and then another 90o turnso your facing forwards again
  • table top
  • big down slope ledge grind
  • 180 pivot with foot as an aid
  • 180 pivot with out foot
  • one foot riding

Tricks I’m working on

  • shove it or BC spin AKA uni spin
  • foot plant shove it
  • foot plant platform flip AKA back flip
  • an elevator drop – starts by riding on the bottom of the platforms hop off the platforms and the platforms will fall right side up and you land on them right side up
  • rail grind – I haven’t found a non scary rail yet
  • 360’s


Hey Jeff, The no footer is a pretty easy trick, i bet you could do it, Look at the picture you have on your “Trialers” section on spaced out, thats where i go the idea, like the pic you have, just land back on the plates.

A body varial on a BC would be crazy cool.

I don’t know about how it is to ride one, but you should (if it’s manouverable enough) do a skatepark. You could probably get quite a bit of speed up.

Whats a body varial?

like the BC staying place and your body spins.


Body spin?

I’ve been mostly working on ways to mount the B.C wheel.

Tricks I can do;

Jump mount
270 BC spin jump mount

Currently I’m not really working on anything just trying to get the consistancy down.

One idea I have had is flipping the BC wheel over 360º while riding. I’ve yet to try but I think that it may be possible.

a fun mount(if your on a hill/slant) Is to spin the BC and as it begins to slow jump on.

I have been doing alot of skinny riding. I have been getting in to hops and tire grabs. i can pedal too. umm, yesterday i landed a body varial in the sand:D I have done a little off road stuff. I can grind. 180s are really easy but i cant ride backwards, i can 180 pivot too but i have the same problem, i cant go backwards. I have been doing stillstands but they are really easy because i sort of cheat and push the tire against my leg( i can do 1 footed still stands too):smiley:

Oh i forgot to mention i can ride down stairs backwards one footed also.

Ok, evan saw me try to grind a 2x4 and wood doesnt slide really well so now hes convinced i cant grind anything :angry:

You have Sucsessfuly grinded anything how many times?

ive seen in one of his videos where he bc grinds…


I’ve seen it in a video too.

I’ve been riding a BC for a couple months but not a whole lot and I’m still sorta working on riding it haha. I’ll ride it and get it good in that session and then I won’t ride for a while and I have to start over. I can skate mount, and hop three pallets. My hopping is fairly consistant and I can make any hop under 10"'s almost every time.

Oh yeah I worked on like plate-grabs/grinds only a little but no luck.

I hope to get long plates soon, and make mine a 2.5"/19" combo. How many of you guys are riding long?


NOOOOOOO! DO NOT GET LONG PLATES!!! The Suck For just about everything, other than drops, they suck!

Yeah iv seen the video where he grinds too, But that was the only time he ever made it.