Bc Skate Mount

I was wondering. When doing the skate-mount on bc is it something you learn to keep the wheel off you leg after your done pushing and trying to get your pushing foot on? When I try it fast, my leg hits the wheel and it stops and I fly forward. Is it only able to be done at slow speeds or do you have to learn to do it fast?


im not sure. ive seen spencer do a skatemount at very fast speeds on his trials bc which has a wide tire. im guessing its practise practise practise;)

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If your leg hits the wheel when you try and get started its because your putting to much weight on the plate – this weight causes the wheel to flop into your leg. You want to put just enough weight on the plate so you can guide the BC wheel while your kicking with your other foot.

I can do that its when my pushing leg comes off the ground. When it is in the air, right before I get my foot on the plate, the wheel hits my non-pushing leg.

Its kind of like hopping on one foot.

Yeah, what smcmorrow said.

Getting on after kicking is kind of like hopping up onto the wheel; you want to jump upwards a bit with your last kick and land your kicking foot on the plate. I never put any pressure on the wheel when I’m pushing it with my foot, it’s just there to keep it under control and going in a strait line.

Yeah, what everyone else said and it helps to angle the wheel away from your leg.

Im gunna have to dissagree with Jeffery here. You CAN put the full weight of your body onto one plate and keep the tire away from your leg, but it is very hard to do. When you learn teh skate mount you hardly put any weight on it at all, but as you get better you add more an dmore weight and push harder and harder, and also extend your leg farther back for longer strides.

I tried skate mounting really early on, and it took a few hours. My advice: wear shinpads (soccer shinpads turned to the inside of my legs work great for me and don’t cost much) so that you don’t scrape your leg. Then try it lots of times :wink:

You want the wheel angled so that as you hop up onto it, it just comes vertical as your other foot lands on it. Then, as you put weight on both feet it’ll stay vertical and not touch your leg.

IMHO it’s largely in getting the angle and jump right, and putting the right amout of pressure on the second plate soon enough. And doing that without thinking about it just takes time and trial/error learning, like learning to ride the uni in the first place :wink: There may be some better way of learning, but that worked for me.

i learned how to do this on pegs… everything takes practice… just keep goin!