BC Riders! Quadra Island Juggling Festival

Hey Vancouver and Vancouver Island Riders!

The Quadra Island Juggling Festival is coming up on May 2 - 4, on
(obviously) Quadra Island.

I’ll be bringing my KH20, Semcycle 24 and Coker Deluxe (in addition to
my juggling equipment), so it would be great to see some other riders
from around there as well.

Check out www.quadradirectory.com/jugglefest for more information.


P.S. I’ll be taking the ferry from Tsawwassen to Nanaimo, and then up
to Campbell river and then to Quadra Island, so if anyone is along
that route, and needs a ride, we might be able to work something out.

Hey, Take all your spare Coker seatposts and a few wrenches with you so people with long and short legs can ride, everybody is gonna want on the Coker! Don’t let them freemount, they almost always fall off, [poor Coker], no hopping or hot-dogging! Oh, thanks for sharing, jugglers are easily lured into Muni; they’re gonna love you! carjug, who shares his toys.