BC Report.

Heres a little update on how im doing, for those of you who care, wich proly most of you dont.

Yesterday: Could ride 70ft, rolling mount 1 in ever 15 trys.

Today: Can ride 200ft+, Can rolling mount consistantly with a miss about ever 20 trys. I also can ride thrue a purdy steep dip in the road.

Wow thats awfully good for someone who has no legs or whatever happened to you, I can’t wait too see a video of you riding that thing in your avatar.

can you post a video?
my friend just made a bc wheel out of the front wheel of his bmx today
he pushed off his garage and went 30+ feet down his driveway (in the rain) on his first day!
i’m tellin him to get a Bedford BC wheel, maybe a trials or deluxe

do longer platforms matter on a BC???

also, why is it called a BC wheel rather than impossible? just wonderin

Cough, i do have legs, one of them is healing from a fracture.

i can and will post a video next week, my comp is being fixed so i can unload video. From what i can tell the longer plates would be harder to ballance on, one very helpfull ballance techiquie is so tilt the platforms forward, and i dont know how well you could do that with longer platforms.

Yeah, Evan, you talk a lot. No vid no care.

Because of the B.C. comic.

racing stripe.gif

lol that’s pretty damn funny

I BC and that is not at all true. I tired long plates at Toque and the only way I can describe it is as if I was standing in a bucket, that was on wheels. My feet felt so secure on them. I could go with no problem at all and I was just starting to get into it at that point. With long plates you can balance heel to toe, meaning you can switch your weight back and forth instead of moving your whole body over the wheel to shift your weight back and forth. Its like whats easier standing perpindicular on the wide side of a 2 x 4 or the skinny side?

MERCYME, you made my sig, congratulations. I’ve been here for a year and thats been one of my goals. Hop up a picnic table, grind a big rail, and make a sig-line.


Now what does that mean I made your sig line?!?!

We should make a post of all the pics of our bc wheels.

(Why am I saying this when I should be doing it?)