bc questions

I have some qestions on some bc stuff.

1.What is a good strong off road 26" rim
2.what is a good strong bicycle hub
3.would the alex dx32 rim be a good rim for a bc
4.what is a good tire for a 26" rim
5.what would be a good 26" off road wheel set

I have two 20" wheel sets but i want a good strong 20" and a 26". The reason I am asking about both of them is because right now i don’t know if I want a 26" or a 20". I am going to say the reason i liek them both

1.I done have two wheel sets
2.be better for street
3.be better for a skate park
4.be better for hopping

2.easier to use you hands when you start to slow down
3.seems easier to learn
4.better off road
5.could use it to do stuff people do on mountianboards
6.i like them more

That is some of the reasons i like each one of them. I have some more questions now

1.since i don’t have a 26" and have two 20" would it be ok to get a 26" and change out the plates from 26" to 20" when i want to change

ok i think that this is everthing that I want to post right now

switching plates would be fine, spencer might still be selling his old ones, which is a good deal.