bc questions

No school is going to have 4130 laying around in the sizes you need. But yes that would be cool.

Thats what you think, my friend Phil had some laying around and made some plates for my friend Mike, he just needs to drill a whole then put them on. =p

The 90 degree angle solid plate is the worst design, its heavy and weak. If someone actuly put some thought into it, they would use a tube design or a flange design.

Yeah, I would like to design a tube plate, but I dont have the material. I just noticed this, but when your on-line, your light isnt green, even though your posting. lol

Its because im invisible.

can some1 explain the “tube design” for BC plates to me

Pardon my ignorance on these things. A BC wheel has plates so as to help in keeping the wheel stable and to give you something big to put your feet on?
The wheel I saw, that I thought was a BC wheel just had round pegs sticking out from each side, effectively extensions of the axle.
Would that have been an ultimate BC?


nah i believe theyre just bc wheels which are a little harder to ride

those are not BC wheels because you can’t hop or do anything like that. Evan’s plates I’ve heard are great and nice and strong, but there pretty little.

okAY so i do not have acsess to welding equiptment at this time. SO… if i paid a fair price could any of you make some plates:)

evan will make some for abou $100. (I think)

The ability to hop doesn’t define a bc wheel. If it has pegs instead of platforms it is still a BC wheel. I think all (most?) of them used to have pegs until Darren Bedford designed the drop down platform.


UM so no one wants to make me some plates for less than 20$ i see

i’ll give you mine, all you have to pay is postage from australia, not sure if you’d want them though you can have a look. They’ve been drilled for a 9.5mm axle but you can make them bigger

It seems like on one on these forums realizes how much work it is to make a quality pair of plates. Its much more effort than making a unicycle frame. 80 bucks is a extremly good price for a pair of plates.

Please explain. Have you made any quality unicycle frames? To me a “quality” frame would be made from tubing with either lugs or otherwise fairly complex joints to connect them. Or a Steve Howard type frame, which is perhaps simpler, assuming you have the milling machine. A Schwinn-style frame is very easy to make, assuming you have the tooling and a very powerful press, but it’s not a quality frame. Anyway, I’d think a unicycle frame requires a pretty good bit of effort as well.

BTW how would (or did) you improve on the BC plates currently on the market?

No i have not. But i do have a good idea of the work involved.

What do you mean?

Ill argue that a ‘quality’ unicycle frame would require more ‘quality’ welds than a pair of plates. This means that there is more places that the frame could break. However, making plates requires making one long weld (bedford style) which is probably hard to do. Still, I think that a unicycle frame is more work.

I am pretty sure Evan’s plates have 6 welds on each one.