bc questions

okay i know there is a lot of stuff on bc’s but i got a few questions that havent been answered

  1. what is the best tire for street riding(im thinking of getting a completely bald one)
  2. what are the best plates
  3. for street what is the best wheel size (im going to be riding at the skatepark and to places mostly)
  4. does anyone have a cheap one


a completely bald tyre would be alright. ive got a maxxis hookworm which is good for me. for street riding probablya 24" thogh a 20" is easier for high hops. the best plates are bedford plates. you can’t really get a decent BC wheel if you want it cheap unless you know how to make one yourself.

Tire is all preference, I like as high psi as I can get.

The best plates you can buy, Not that they are that good, because they weigh too much, are Bedfords, Available at Bedfordunicycles.ca

Hardly anyone rides bcs, so its hard to define “street”, Its likely that if you get into it you’ll be inventing some new tricks for the sport. For hands on tire stuff, which is flatland, you want a 24" or 26", if your a shrimp like Bryan Stevens, you could get by with a 24", otherwise go ahead and get a 26", they are easier to come by.

And next time use the search button, there have been way too many threads just like this on on the fourms.

thank you for answering but i heard on some other place that the hookworms are a bad tire i think they look cool oh and evan i did use the search thing and im thinking of doing the kind of street that you do on unis oh yeah and im 5 feet tall

  1. Bald one would be good, depends on wheelsize for exact tire…
  2. Bedfords
  3. 24"
  4. Not me

Awaiting Evan’s text beating…:wink:

Do you ride “Street” bc? From where do you have the experience to say that a bald tire would be “alright.” Next time a thread comes along that ask a question(s) that you have no clue to as the answer, And purely want to add a digit to your total number of posts, For all our sakes, Don’t post.

and here it is…

yea i ride street BC.

Do you? Hmm, what can you do?..

not much, ive only had a BC wheel for a few weeks. i can go up QP’s, some hands on stuff and jump over speed bumps and the like.

Wow, I completely retract my previous statement.

okay i have done some looking around and i found a 14 mm bmx wheel whith a sun double wall rim and a bald primo tire all i need now is the plates but i dont want to spend 90$ on a peice of steal so what should i do and does that sound like a good setup?

Its not steel, its Aluminum. You make it sounds like its easy to machine out a brick of aluiminum to the shape and quality that Darren does. Also they are very nicely powder coated and fited with grip tape.

Are they really machined out of a chunk of alluminum? I thought it was just extruded angle.

Yes, i suspect rough cut with a bandsaw, then machined to shape.

you just suspect that… but do you realy think its worth it and also
do you think gb4 plates would be good?

All the plates avalible have major flaws in the design, they have either or all of the following problems:

Way too heavy

Wrong demensions for multipul reasons

Designed to be easy to make, not quality.

However bedfords are the best out of all the kinds you can buy.

If you would wait, i hear darren is going to start selling lower plates, so they will be very good plates exept for the weight.

You could design your own plates, making them fit to your feet and what not, that would be kool.

see you actualy have usefull posts jerrick and good ideas

Along those lines, but you more want to build the plates to make the tricks you will be doing easier.

If you have the time, want, money, metal, welder, skill, saw, and some knowlage into designing such a thing, then yeah make them yourself.

Otherwise, you could hire someone to make you some.

Or better yet, have a friend who will do it for free cause they have all the stuff and extra metal and can do it at school or in their shop. =p