BC PRO plates + normal 20" wheel=???

BC Bedford PRO plates + normal 20" wheel with 14mm axle=??? considering i would spend about 30$ on the wheel, would it just bend the axle??? or is it highly recrmended to just get the Whole BC with PRO plated for $170 from bedford??? cuz if i get the cheaper wheel i save about 40$, but is it worth saving the $ if it will just bend???

You won’t bend a 14mm axle.

How are you getting a wheel with a 14mm axle for 30$?

Yes, but you might blow the bearings out the side and lock the whole thing up.

Probably not from just riding and doing small hops though, you would need to be clearing an 8’ pyramid at like 20mph for that to happen;)

Or falling off a handrail like a dumbass.

i thagut i was able to get a 14mm axle wheel for cheap… well i am going to the LBS to price it.

yeah it will cost 50$ for the wheel

That still seems pretty cheap, what are the parts?

the wheel only is 50$ so for the whole BC PRO it will cost 90 + 50. and i donno what the 50$ wheel has on it. i donno if i am even going to get a BC now.

the wheel will literally just be the wheel. a hub, spokes and a rim thats all.

well it has a tire too, thats what i meant.

who was it that sells plates for like 20$ CDN?? and how do they compair to bedfords?