BC platform

I’m in the process of building a 20" street BC, and it will be my first - I have the wheel all ready to go, but I don’t know where to get platforms!

I see a few people bragging about making them, but who here has tried multiple, and can tell me the best option, in addition, where can I buy the suckers!

I’m too newbie to weld my own or anything fancy like that.

For any of you manufacturers out there… If you can get a good system down, you could make a decent business, marketing BC’s. Starting with your first platform purchase from me!

oops i’m replying to myself…

anyways i just realized that without a seat in the way, a backflip would be possible on a BC wheel, which would be totally nuts.

we should set up a fund that goes to the first person to get this on video, because it would totally be worth $.

It’s not the seat that gets in the way of doing a backflip it’s the lack of speed.

il try it, haha.

seems possible, but there are some things that are needed first:

#1: a big ass ramp

#2: a total sence of insanity

#3: a want to die

No, you don’t need a ramp. Some poeple can just do a standing backflip pretty easily, so theoretically it should be possible to do one at low speed on a bc wheel.

On a more serious note, be carefull about trying stupid things, it would be really bad if you got hurt trying something insane on a bc wheel, because then when people asked “how did you get hurt?” and you told them, then they would probably think you deserved it. :slight_smile:

Give Darren Bedford a call or email about BC plates, he makes the original plates and the best.

his email is.
info (at) bedfordunicycles.ca

Bad idea. I am one of those people who can do a standing back tuck pretty easily. However, ask me to do it with bulky/heavy shoes on and I will refuse. You would be amazed at how much your rotation is slowed by trying to whip a little extra weight around.

With a ramp, the rotation may be feasible, but the problem will come with landing. Your body will want to continue rotating and on the BC there is very little you can do to stop that. Find a BMX rider who can do a back flip, and ask what the hardest part is and they will say landing. They have two wheels, a seat and handlebars.

evan byrne(that’s his SN too) makes some pretty sick plates… give him a PM, he’s selling them for 40 now, i believe…
and i think the only other option would be to call up Darren Bedford as mentioned already. He’s a nice guy, and his plates are good.