Bc plates.

Where can I obtain these?

I don’t want to pay 60 bucks for nimbus plates and I don’t want to pay X amount for bedford plates.

Anyone on this forum make custom plates that I could get?

Do you mean plates or brackets??? :thinking:

Cause i found this on UDC. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can either make them yourself or you’ll have to buy them. I bought mine from unicycle.com for $40…and built the rest of my BC with spare parts from a bike shop I use to work at. If you really want them, just buy them. It’s much easier.

You could take some drawings with measurements to a machine/welding place and ask for a quote to have them made up. I guess you would need to inform them of the use of the plates, so they used a decent guage of steel so not to bend when you jump onto them.
Or another option would be to go to your local high school and ask the metal working department if they could have a student make you some up as a project or something :thinking:
Oh man I am glad I saved up and bought a welder, all this sort of stuff is just an afternoon away :wink: Good luck with it though, because it’s always better if you can get the same thing at a lower price by thinking outside the square.

well the UDC plates are $44 and the hellish price for shipping equals about 60 bucks.

How much would a welder cost?

It depends on how good a job you want them to do;)

I would get the materials ready for the welder if you want to do it that way, then go ask them–prices on labor will vary greatly, based on location, demand, ect.

I’m Drawning my project, and i will send to a machine/welding place next week… but i need to know some details!

Anyone knows the thickness of the Bedford LowRider Plates?

bye! and Thanks!

i could probably make a good set for you, just let me know what axel size you’re using, and any other specs you’re particular about. pm me and we can work something out. :slight_smile:

(I have access to the metal fab shop I used to work at, and probably can get materials pretty cheap too.)

Looks to me like a 4"x4"x1/4" angle iron would let you just cut those out with no welding at all…just a few hours with hacksaw and file. :slight_smile:

yeah, i was thinking of that too. if you wanted to go that route, i would go for extruded aluminum, because steel would be quite heavy. on angle iron, the corner is heavier than the rest of the stock, so theoretically these bc plates should actually be stronger than bent ones where the bend actually weakens the stock.