Bc plates!

Pretty close to the EB plates, fit my shoe perfectly.


I have a wheel to put them on, but I borrowed the one my friend bought from even, so I dont have to right now.

those are pretty sick!

Very good job, now have them powder coated neon [insert pretty color hear], and they will be the shizzle.

neon red!

No! Neon Orange.

Good stuff. The strips are the best option for hopping, they make it so easy.

I know, I love them. I have been riding for a week now, and I already hopped up a curb and two pallets.

Hmm i donno if I wanna powdercoat them, I could spraypaintit, but thats about it.

They look like mine… Better not have stolen them!
You have one more week till this expires. I want my BC back.

I can bring it to the ride tomorrow if you want.

when ur parents come and pick u up, give it back to me=)

I cant ride today, youll have to wait till’ next ride.

Neon pink:D or neon orange:)

or red?