bc plates

made from angle iron

That hub isn’t going to last long.

neither is that tire from the looks of it

Is that a 16"? Your axle will bend soon.

i know…i put them on today and the axle is bending
oh well

nah its a 20"

the plate is nice

iron is the best material to do one?

i thought they were steel.

it dosent matter how rusty or klunky it looks it just has to be fun and rideable:)

That wheel must be 10 years old… it’s steel!

it’s chrome !!

it just needs to be attacked with some steel wool.

It must weigh a ton!! it will be goot to learn on though, I think it’s better to learn on a crappy one before spending alot of money on an bedford or the likes. Have fun riding it!!

Yep, a heavier wheel is easier to learn on, because it doesn’t flop around as much as a light wheel.

the plates arent crappy…the rim is but as soon as the alxe gives out im gonna switch to my aluminum rim wich is really heavy duty and it will be fine

You might want to consider cutting the sides in at angles(ie-gets narrower as it rises from the platforms(foot area) to the axle)…i wouldn’t go too narrow, but even leaving 4 inches worth around the axle(2" on each side) should still leave things really strong. There will be less 90 degree angles to gash your shins on, and the added benefit of less weight. You might want to troll ebay for a cheap 20" 48 spoke bmx wheel with a 14mm axle…then you’d be bombproof. nice start…good luck.

also made from angle iron :slight_smile:

finished product(they look MUCH better from the other side.

Drilling 2 14mm holes in shrapnel, Now theres and idea.

thats funny

more like 100 holes
there are TONS in the sides that I drilled. that make it SUPER grippy on your feet.