BC plates needed (Australia only)

i am going to make a bc with the front wheel of my bmx and all i need is plates.
i have oversized axles so it would need a bigger hole. I dont really care what type of plates (except bedford pro).
Also i would pay shipping inside australia.


drilled for 9.5mm axle

weight = 499 grams per plate

i’m in meblourne from the 7th - 11th of december, i can give them to you then if you want

yours for 20 bucks.

ive got 14mm axles

want em drilled for 14mm?

wat would the shipping to Victoria be?
and i would like then drilled to 14mm if i get them (which i Probably will)

i can give them to you between the 7th - 11th of dec (just under a month away), so no shipping, if you can wait that long. you could try them out before you buy.

ok, but i dont know if our school will be finished by then