BC Plates Design: Need Buyers

Electric book? I thought you said it was welding book…

Check out THIS, it’s an online version of a great book of welding basics, and not-so-basics.

Not all of it’s there though, just a preview.

I think he meant a “Lincoln Electric” book. Lincoln Electric is a company that makes welding machines (I actually have a Lincoln ARC welder/generator in my garage).

In addition to reading the book that Catboy posted (which seems pretty good) and other welding books, you might want to also read some machinery handbooks, engineering manuals, and other things of that nature.

If I was using aluminum, I would weld, correct? But im using 4130 Steel so I bend. That makes sense. Now about support, which is stonger, my support design or Evans. It looks to me that Evans would just fold in.


Aluminum must be heat-treated after welding, otherwise, the strength is much reduced.

Why bend when you can get the material already extruded the way you want it? You could weld on additional support if you needed it, but it really won’t be needed if you use 1/4" thickness material.

It’s a heckuvalot easier to find someone with an ironworker than someone with an extrusion press (isn’t that what they’re called? I forget) and the capability to make the correct die. But then again, extrusion would be awesome.

Is this what youre talking about?

How do you think making a plate out of polycarbonate would turn out? I dont think I wold buy it but its an interesting th=ought. those nalgene bottles are pretty indestructable


You mis-understand Grasshopper, 4130 tubing, such as you would buy from factorysteel, is already extruded, that’s how they make it. So you get yourself some of that, cut it in half length-wise, and you’re laughin’