BC plates arrive tomorrow!

I’ve already ridden a bc with pegs and can get about 50-60m, but that broke down(ball bearings scattered everywhere) so I’m setting up a trials BC wheel with the nimbus plates.

I’ll probably be filming my first attempts, any ideas for things to work on once I get the hang of it? 360 hop twist? backspin and learn to go backwards? Hop logs? I’m up for pretty much anything within reason and will be getting foothooks(prob. just the axle rod) through my LBS.

One thing I’m sure to work on is hand wheel walk, I’m making big progress on that with my uni.

ok, bad thread title, no one cares what I may or may not be receiving in the mail tomorrow…

Congratulations. Nope, the thread title is fine, and that sounds cool, just a slow night in the unicycle internet world. I recall someone saying that the first attempt should always be filmed in case hilarity ensues. Good luck!

Stupid idea, but maybe a smart idea: What would happen if you put a weight, like maybe a pound or so, on one side of a BC wheel? It wouldn’t really unbalance anything while you were on it, but would it be enough to keep it from running down the block when you fell off? Or would that make it impossible to mount up in the first place? Or would a surfboard tether work better?

BC slingshot into the back would kill

I’m planning on using a tether when I start riding around town-fairly hilly around here :slight_smile:

maybe, so I won’t use a stretchy cord

I need to get better at BC wheel. I’ve had one for several months now, but I just haven’t ridden it enough to get good. I can go down the sidewalk for about thirty feet, but then I fall or run out of speed. Any good tips on riding? Or should I just ride it more often?