Bc, pics

Yaaa! i just made a really good Bc wheel, it took my dad and me two tries though, it is cool, you have to roll it and then jump on it for it to go.

But i can ride it allthe way through my garage, because of the gravle outside, ill try it at my park tomarrow (if there is no gravle, or the side walks of it). Wondering how other ppl’s Bc wheels look like, my dad also broke our camera like 2 weeks ago so i cant get mine on right now, but it has black metal going down from the acis (20 inch wheel) then a pedal at the end, its sweet.

hey, cool im working on unispin, just cant get it, ouchies!

Here is my first one, I dont have it anymore. It is a Bedford Deluxe, I got it a really long time ago.

Bedford trials bc with low rider plates.

24" bc with those same low rider plates (I don’t really ride this one)

I ride the trials bc, its good. I think I am getting a Bedford street BC soon, it will be cool.

how much $$$ for a decent bc?

$120-$200 on bedford I think. I just got my first set of bedfords about a hour ago. I just don’t have a deccent wheel. I trashed My alex/mosh combo.

Hey Spencer, I didn’t know you had THAT many BCs… I just had 3 separate people tell me how useless BCs are. BUT the good news is that I figured out what’s wrong with mine - I need a cone wrench to ensure the plates don’t swing like they do now.

Ok, to the topic. Here’s my wheel.

I wanna see more pics of everyone’s wheels though!

I hoping to get my homemade 36" BC done soon. But was wondering if it was possible to have lowrider plates on it or do i have to get them custom made??

Whoa! Won’t it rub against your thighs if you get lowriders?

My homemade bc wheel. I can’t ride it very well though.

Come to think of it. How do I put a picture on here so you guys don’t have to click a link. Like the picture is just there on the screen. I don’t know how.

You can just click on the icon beside the link icon and a pop-up will appear that pesters you to enter the URL of ur image.

Well the first one I don’t have any more. The trials BC is the one I actually ride and the 24" is just a wheel I have sitting in my garage.