BC or uni?

Okay, I have trashed my torker LX, but for now, it is still ridable. So, my plan was to save up and get the DX or another street/trials uni. But after watching a few BC videos, it looks like something that would be fun to get into. So get a BC instead, right? Well, I noticed a very good portion of the video’s are shot at skateparks. I don’t have a skatepark very close by, and urban trail and street lines seem to be harder to find on a BC unless you are really good. It’s not like you can build a BC Trials park in your backyard. And would BCing be something that I would get frustrated or tired of quickly, especialy since there isn’t a skate park within riding distance?

Hard decision. I would get both, but its a question of what to get first. BCs are fun. I got one yesterday. Riding them feels awesome.

Unis are fun too! If your LX works right now, I would get a BC and then a uni.

never rode a bc so i would have to say uni

I was thinking about the exact same thing. I’d like to get a trials unicycle to start ridding street on (because I don’t want to trash my lx in the first place), but BCing looks so incredibly fun. I also think a trials uni would improve my riding skills, basically because of the bouncy tire, and I wouldn’t be so hesitant to do things like tackle picnic tables and such. So, if i were to get one or the other, it’d be either on Christmas or my birthday, coming about 4 months after Christmas. The only thing is; I don’t know which one I want more! I guess I’m leaning more in the direction of BC, simply because I already have a unicycle.

Also, would a trials uni really improve my riding, or is that just a state of mind?

Bc all the way.

Don’t watch video to see what can be done. It dosnt take a genius to come up with a sloo of new tricks for the bc. Also riding places, since bryan is the only current rider most would think that skate parks are the best place to ride. WRONG, you can have a blast on a bc anywhere. Trail riding is a kick, urban stuff is too.

So, once I get good enough, I’ll be able to hop up on a picnic table and do a lot of the urban trails/street stuff with a BC? What about in slow technical parts? hand walk? any videos would be cool. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Check out some vids by Bryan. He is insane good on a BC. I am hoping to meet him next time I go up to Freeport cuz Scarborough is pretty close. O ya, here is a link to some of his vids:http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=bryan+stevens&hl=en

Bryan is overrated;)

You have toadmit he is very good. Anyway, if I do get the chance I would like to ride with him sometime.

Yeah I know, he is better than I am.

Its kind of a delayed response to Kaycee;)

You can handwalk, Il make fun of you but feel free to do it.

You can do slow stuff on a bc but its harder to ride at slow speeds. Fun things to do are ride fast, stop, bust a trick static, and keep riding. Or if your really good, bust that same trick rolling.

You know, I was going to say the exact same thing that Kaycee said about you, but I didnt think of it until it was already too late to edit my post:p

I think if you got somethig really light like a KH it would improve your skills and give you a confidence boost. If you get a heavy trials uni like a dx it takes a while to get used to it because it is heavy but increadibly bouncy. Id get a KH now if you can afford it because you cant do much on a bc until you get pretty good.

Cool, we should defenately ride

haha :slight_smile:

Sorry Bryan but unfortunatly I PROBABLY wont be coming up until next summer around mid-july. Im seamus’s cousin.

Oh cool, still, when you come we should all get together to ride

Yeah that would be sweet.