BC Movie: My Best Stuff!

This movie is bacicly built around the first hop, i shot it today, It really goes to show me that practice makes perfect, i was aobut to give up, i was on about my 20th try and everything was going to hell, my feet were getting raw, bruised, and starting to hurt ALOT when i hopm in addition every hop fromt the first was worse and worse, i allmost made it a couple of times, but after those i kept falling hard. I bacicly had desided i wasnt never going to make it, but i was going to raise my spirtis by giving it one last go…i wasnt even planing on coming even close, i knew i would crash…but…suddenly im on the top of the stack and the bc is under me! im so exiited i roll off and aobut 10ft after i exit the frame i hop off and start cheering…oh and to make the film not so borrign i added some other riding in too…

Heres the link: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=155164

Umm… I can’t get the plugin.
Are we able to actually download movies anymore?

niiice thats a nice hop men I like your movie … why are you riding a 24" and not a 20" tho?

I dont like using 20" bcs, for the hands-on-tire tricks its just to far down, and also with the larger air volume you get better comression on hops, it drops better, its faster, and over all i like 24"s better, im actuly builidng my 26" bc soon.

i’d almost be willing to bet that you’re gonna be the first to build a 36" BC wheel…

Same problem here. I tried finding a URL in the source of the page, but the URLs within didn’t seem to work…


try that

Nope. It still goes to the same place in the end.

abbabibble, lol, at his height it might make for a rather painful hop. that 24" is just plain huge. I still need plates, nobodys selling and bedfords prices are so expensive for a a peice of angle metal


The way the gallery is currently set up it is not possible to right-click and download a movie as a file any more. I hope Gilby can fix that.

For now you can try this link for Evan’s movie. It should open the video in Windows Media Player instead of trying to play it in the browser. Once Windows Media Player has downloaded it you can go File >> Save Media As… and save the file to your local HD. It will save it as main.php. Rename it with a .wmv extension and it should play.

I’m having the same downloading problem. I can see it in the window of course, but I want to actually download it and I can’t even find the link in the source code. Anyone figure out how to save movies?

nice vid man… I really want a bc

Here’s another way to save a movie from the gallery if you’re using Firefox.

Go to the gallery page that plays the video embedded in the browser
Tools >> Page Info
Go to the Media tab
Scroll down till you find the object with the type Embed
Highlight that item
Click the Save As… button

Awwright! Thanks!

I liked the 180 to backward riding the most. I have to learn how to do that, after I can get good at riding the dang thing.

Lol, the 180 to backwards is the easyest move in there.

How is a 24" b.c faster? i B.C 20" but it should not make any diffrence in speed when it comes to a 24. becasue it is mearly a free floating axle… i mean sure i guess there would be slightly less drag per rotation… but it would not be enough to that noticeable… perhaps you just have better bearings in it then your old 20? becasue as far i can figure… it would do nothing for speed… the only reason people go faster on a uni when it has a bigger wheel size is becasue the cranks are directly linked to the axel therefore you get more distance per roation… but it should not make any diffrence in b.c terms.

It rolls over stuff better, futher rolling distance for the same amount of bearing friction.

heres the 180 in animation.

180 1.gif

Cool man Cool video

Your welcome for letting you use my gallery :slight_smile:

Is it possible to do a 180 on a BC wheel without doing the hop? The wheel stays on the ground the whole time and would be like doing a backspin on a freestyle unicycle.