BC Leg Guard = Padless Riding

Hey guys I just started BCing a few weeks ago and found my legs were getting all shredded. I hated wearing pads so I found a way to ride without pads.

I fabricated some BC Leg Guards. They go over the wheel like a fender and protect your legs if you tip to the side. It actually helps me as I’m a beginner and I can lean in to the guard if I like. I added some padding for this.
The guard is solid and doesn’t have any play. When the BC gets away from me because the plates are heavier it still stays upright.
I added some pictures to show you. Some daylight pics and in-action pics to come.

Has anyone else ever done something similar?

  • Anthony

Oh and btw this is my first ever BC wheel I know it’s not the prettiest.

Evan made me one of those a while back. It is much harder to ride I think. I rub my leg on the tire on purpose to control speed and catch my balance.
It was fun to play with though, I was able to ride it one footed with that on there. heres a video

i have a friend that has one of those, but much stronger. I won’t give any specifics, but i have to say the plates should be built in to the frame.

the ultimate thing would be to have some sort of ULTRA smooth brakes that you can control w/ your leg pushing in and out.

I think the ultimate thing is an ace bandage on your leg, you get a much better feel of it.

Edit, ok maybe not “ultimate” because they can get torn up and stuff…but some sort of strong wrap around your leg.