Bc is growing. Are you in?

Bc seems to be getting bigger and more popular, Harper will kill me if I make a pole, so…If you bc (Or can Bc), post what Bc you run, What you can do on it, and how often you ride.

If you don’t have a bc, Get one. Unicycle.com, Bedfordunicycles.ca.

It would be sick to see some bc vids also.

I think you seen my video.

BC Wheel Nubcaek on YouTube.

I got EB style plates :slight_smile:

I don’t ride often… I want to learn more trials riding on my Unicycle though.

I have a Nimbus UDC BC. I can ride it. I can ride it backwards. I can jump up curbs. I can jump down curbs.

I want to get a bc but getting a splined hub for my uni need to come first;)

Im in. I have a bedford basic $20 that I got ‘second hand’ from someone here in ottawa. Short style plates, Kendra Kontact tire (red), Alex rim (I forget what kind). Ill post pictures later.

Currently, I can hop up some small stuff like curbs and do small drops. I have sighted out a two set while uniing that I want to try on my BC!

If you don’t have a BC, buy one. They’re not too expensive, and if you have a old BMX that you don’t ride anymore because you realised that you don’t need that extra wheel, you are half way to having a BC already! Just pop off that wheel and get some plates. Make sure the axel is 14mm though.

If you don’t have a BMX just lying around, I suggest Bedford Unicycles. Darren Bedford is a good guy and he sells the best BCs that you can buy in one piece (as in, not buying parts and putting them together).

I think I might go BC. Now.

I have a destroyed unknown front bmx wheel bc, I can ride, sometimes. I find trials bc’s to be really easy to ride though for some reason.

Hopefully in the winter I will get a 14 mm axle so I can have something ready for the bc championships in the summer.

i’m in. kinda.

i got a 26" bc with a smooth tyre and home-made plates (pretty much a copy of your old ones).

whet i made it i learened to ride, i havent ridden it in months.


also no

I think I made my BC wheel in 1986. It has a 24" blue Miyata rim and a red alloy BMX hub. And spokey-dokes. Originally it had a pair of moped footpegs, but those eventually fell apart. Now I have some simple plates Zack Baldwin made for me a while back. But my bearings are pretty crapped out. Eventually I’ll get a purpose-built BC.

I can spin on one, pirouette briefly at the center and come out backwards.

I’m planning of building a BC sometime this winter. I’ve got a good wheel I just need some plates. I haven’t decided if I’ll make my own or buy some.

I’ve never ridden a BC but it looks like fun!

vid? i have bc bu i don’t drive it becoue you can’t effectivly do anything, it is fun to learn

by the tume my ultra strong, capable of droping, free coaster uni is d0ne you can say bye bye bc

straight up.

i have two.

a 20 in. demolition rim(its ok) with an odessy hazard hub and holy roller tire, plates are home made and are working well.

and i have a 24 in. alex rim also with the hazard hub and then it just has a generic type no name tire from k-mart or something. this one also has self made plates.

on the 24 i can ride some fireroad and singletrack with small drops.

on the 20 i can mostly just ride around the skatepark and catch air off of stuff.
i can kinda grind this low rail at a local skatepark, but i have had trouble getting enough speed to grind the whole thing.

I’m in I ride 4"X5" angle iron plates on a 20" bmx rim and some cheep hub.

I don’t BC, or have a BC wheel. However, I wouldn’t mind building one up and giving it a shot.

Someone wouldn’t mind telling me any differences between a 19" and a 20" BC wheel? Apart from the fatter tyre of a trials tyre having greater chance of rubbing against your calves, is there really much else to it between the main 2 sizes?

I personally wouldn’t mind a Try-All BC myself :roll_eyes:

I just rode one for the first time yesterday and i loved it! I rode about 40 feet twice. I really want one cause I dont have my own, I rode my friend’s. Btw do you guys think I should get the Koxx Devil Blueberry Uni or a Bedford BC? I have 150 dollars and I could either buy a BC now or wait till Christmas and get the Koxx. I dont know, but lately all I’ve been thinkin bout is BC’in, but I really need a trials/street uni.

I ride my friends BC.

Its a basic 20 inch rim and hub from the front of a bike. With really heavy steel plates made for them. The plates haven’t bent, and the axle hasn’t bent. All I can do is ride around so far. I am getting better.

I’m out.

i need to get into the bc wheel thing

I have a regular bedford bc wheel with pro plate ( long ) with a blue tire and glow in the dark grip tape but I don’t ride it. I don’t like riding a bc wheel. I may sell it for a cheap price one day if someone is interested.