BC/Impossible wheel

I need to make an impossible wheel that won’t break(I weigh 110 lbs) for as cheap as reasonably possible. I am making the plates in metal class, and I want to build a 20" like my ex-bc that the axle snapped on, and I am leaning towards the hookworm tire, because it is fast as an autofellatic with premature ejaculation :astonished: . I want to spend no more than $30 to $40. thanks if you can help me.

On a side note, I used an inflatable 12" tire from an old electric scooter with angle brackets from Lowes to make a kick ass mini BC, and if anyone can find that kind of wheel to purchase, it would be hellafucking epic, because I was forced to put the wheel back on the scooter.

p.s. I am neither a bro nor a pervert, although I occasionally wear a bandeezie on my dick

thank you in advance for your comments:p

You liar!

Either your 17 (and weigh more than 110lbs) or your 110lbs (and not 17).:wink:
There are some used BC plates being sold in the Trading post under “smaller, garage sale”. Slap those on to any 14mm axle wheel laying around.

I don’t get it. :thinking:
Why can’t Mr Brick weigh 110lbs and be 17 years old?

I have not seen anyone call it an impossible wheel for quite some time…

“impossible” wheel is a bad name for it anyway, since it’s not actually impossible to ride.

BC tips

I made my own BC wheel from scratch (kinda). I bought the footplates from unicycle.com for $40 and got the rest of the parts from the bike shop I use to work at. All together, I think it cost me about $50 to build. If you can’t build one, buy one. I would stick with a 20" wheel. Also, put skateboard griptape on those foot plates!

Check out my BC video if you want to get an idea of what my homemade BC wheel looks like: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zpXKzs51Ids

Here’s a new technique I am using: If you’re on flat ground, pump up that tire as much as possible (at the recommended psi). That will reduce friction and make it easier to coast. If you’re going down a relatively steep hill and it’s too fast for a full tire, let out the air until your tire flattens a little more. That will give you more friction and grip, and thus a slower, more controlled ride. Just make sure the rim isn’t near the riding surface!

I propose two new names:

Improbable Wheel and Inconceivable Wheel.

Although they aren’t thaaaat difficult to learn, it just takes a few hours of frustration, painful falls, and irratated ankles.

The 14mm axle part is what will keep it from breaking soon.

As for names, how about “Uni Skateboard?” It’s kind of like that…

Though there isn’t much of a board. I’d suggest uniskate but that doesn’t quite roll off your tongue easy enough. Skuni!

EDIT: On second thought, whats wrong with B.C. Wheel?

I still call mine both an impossible wheel and a bc wheel. The fact that I can ride something that has “impossible” in the name is pretty cool, but destroys the meaning of the word, hence the need of “improbable”. Most people seem to be calling them BC wheels nowadays though.

Uniskate isn’t bad either. Yes it’s not very board-like, but back in the 80s we just had pegs. Compared to that, today’s BCs are like double-skateboards. If it were the old design it could be called a Peg Wheel.

What’s wrong with B.C.? I think for Unicycle.com it may be a worry of copyright infringement or similar. If we call it B.C. to reference the comic strip, Jonny Hart’s heirs might have a problem with that, though in the past he has given the unicycling world informal nods for referencing his characters. I’m fine with B.C.

Well to keep with current trends we should be politically correct and call it the B.C.E. wheel. :roll_eyes:

Just to clarify, I know how to ride very well already, I just snapped one impossible wheels axle and had to take my other one apart to put the wheel back on the scooter I had taken it from. I would just like help finding a nice wheelset without having to buy two wheels/ two rims etc. or put the rim together myself. And sorry for the profanity, it was disrespectful on my part.
heres my old one made from baby carrier wheel and angle brackets: (http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=21281&d=1185245237)

btw how about call it a Freewheel?

yeah, that’s an old wheel :slight_smile:

Don’t sweat the language, I really didn’t notice. Freewheel sounds good for a name, but I think “BC” is just perfect and standard. Just don’t call it impossible! :sunglasses:

Speed control & wobble

So I’ve noticed (a long time ago) that when you approach very fast speeds, the wheel starts to wobble and you eventually lose control. Are there any good techniques to control your speed or eliminate the wobble effect? If I could do that, then I could go faster and ride longer without the wobble. BC isn’t very hard IMO, and the ultimate wheel seems to be the most difficult to ride. I consider myself to be a good BC rider, but I’d like to get better so let’s hear some skills and techniques!!

That is one ugly set-up you’ve got there. Why not go on danscomp and buy a 25$ rim and a tempered 14mm axle? Better yet spend 50 and get a hazzard lite rim and a 14mm axle.

Dude I love it!

BC distance

My new distance record on the BC (as of today) is 1,130 feet. I beat my old record by 100 feet.

the “Not-So-Impossible Wheel”

I couldn’t find a proper thread to post my new video, so I’ll just add it here since we’re discussing names for the BC WHEEL, and I elect to keep it that way. :slight_smile:


@ joejumps4fun: nice video :slight_smile:

my old bc wheel video :slight_smile: