BC (impossible) wheel construction

i’d like to know the cheapest wat that i could make a BC wheel. i have a 20" front bicycle wheel, and that’s about it. i’ve seen them for $150.00 on the internet, but all i really need it the foot platforms.

Find or buy a piece of 4" x 4" x 1/4" box section steel about 4" long, and cut footplates out with an angle grinder (or a hacksaw if you’re up to it). Pic of mine, which took about an hour to make, at:

Using box section means you don’t have to bend it, which would be tricky without heating equipment and a big vice, or a press brake.

I still haven’t managed to stay on it for more than a few feet, I really ought to persevere and put some time in…

to the scrapyard! thanx, joemc

should i strip the threads of the bolt that are right by the wheel, to create a quieter and smoother ride?

Ideally you’d use a wheel with a 14mm axle (or larger) rather than the more common 11mm axle. 11mm axles bend pretty easily, especially if you are a larger rider. I wouldn’t bother stripping the thread because you’ll need it to screw the retaining nuts onto. The axle stays fixed while the hub body (& wheel) rotates around it, so there’s no friction involved here anyway.