BC / impossible wheel as a mode of transportation?

I have been riding my BC wheels for about 6 months now, and i want to get more use out of it than the odd use. I was wondering if anyone rides their BC s to get around. i used mine the other day,(1.5km).

Tommorow, i plan to ride the 8km to school.

I was wondering what everyone thinks about this. I ride it on the flats, and slight downhills, and walk on the uphills. I take my time, and have fun.

The b.c. is very transportable, fits allmost everywhere, and is very cool.

I am wondering what eveyone’s feeling’s are on this, long distance BC riding?


ISTR I’ve heard (in this forum) of a kid once riding his BC wheel to school. Either 1.5 km or 1.5 miles. 8 km is insane!

Klaas Bil

I used to have a pair of ski poles I used for sustained B.C.'ing. I taped some pieces of an old tire to the tips so they could be used indoors or out. This made it possible to keep going without having to re-start, and also made it possible to ride it uphill.

Then I think I went skiing, wasn’t paying attention at the end of the day, and turned in my poles. Haven’t seen them since '95 or so…


Way to go… 1.5 km is awesome.
8 km will be amazing.

You push the limit with everything you do !!!

I’m proud to have you on the Bedford Factory Team.


I think you are refering to Nathan’s son riding his ultimate wheel to school. Not a BC wheel.
Two totally different wheels.


Way to go Ryan.
Still yet to get a BC wheel, but I have got the interest in one.
Also I believe I met your sister this last weekend at Quelph University, why haven’t you got any videos of her riding in your gallery?

sorry, Guelph

Re: BC / impossible wheel as a mode of transportation?

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 22:08:23 -0500, Darren
<Darren.vqf5a@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>I think you are refering to Nathan’s son riding his ultimate wheel to
>school. Not a BC wheel.

Indeed, I realised my error later and wanted to post a correction but
you were ahead of me. Thanks.

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Re: BC / impossible wheel as a mode of transportation?

Well, how did it go?

I didn’t actually ride it to school, i took it on a longer ride. probably around 10-11km. It was awesome. I just cruised along, when i stopped, i’d hop off, and walk a bit, then keep going. The longest stretch was probably about 2km without getting off. It was awesome. This is the first time i’ve ridden close to this distance on a bc, and i found that my feet started to hurt after awhile.

It was cool riding a bc down busy roads, because some people didn’t react at all to it, some people were completely amazed, and some were so confused they didn’t know what to do. It was different from riding a unicycle around town, because people have SOME idea of what a unicycle is, but they have no idea what i’m doing when i’m just standing about 7 inches off the ground doing 10km/h on top of a wheel.

I found i could brake on steep downhills by squeezing the tire between my legs (i was wearing jeans) which proved to be quite successful, however once you get to a certain speed there’s no trying to brake with this method.

I really enjoyed my long distance bc ride, and have taken it on some more shorter rides 1-3kms these past few days. I think bc wheels are awesome! When i first saw them, in the words of Joey, i was “Wicked Skeptical” but now i realize their true greatness.


ok, i just wanted to know, how is tit possible to ride 2 km without dismounting a bc wheel,
i have never physicaly seen one, but thougt it was more of a freestyle kind of thing, now, i might just try and make one…
by the way are there any skills at unicycling that considerably help riding the bc wheel?

You did what? 2km BC without getting off? 11km total?! Wow. That is sooo cool.


Easy ride it like a skateboard

my bc is coming to daylight soon

couse i’m the only guy in my country that drives uni i ride with local bmx mtb crew

i found it very difficult to follow them up and down the city so i drive in subway while they ride

but know i’m driving a bc while holding the rope that’s tied up to a friends mtb

i plan after to learn how tu jump from a kicker with that tech and later a jump box too

not that far future

is there a lot of down hill areas near you becouse on flat land i think that would just kill you 2 keep going for 2km

One of my friends once rode his BC Wheel to school…but his house is only about a half a mile away (0.8 km) and its completely downhill so he had to walk back home after school…

After seeing this thread I want to buy a bc wheel really badly. Is the one UDC sells any good?