BC help

Alright, I know there are many threads on this already, but I still need some help. I’ve decided I really want a BC wheel and plan to make my own. I have a few questions. Is it ok just to use a wheel off a bike? Which is better, the front or back wheel? Where can I get some good plates to put on it? How would you go about putting the plates onto a normal bike wheel? Any other suggestions?

I don’t have much advice to give you, but you can’t just use a normal bike tire, it has to have a big axel. Try using a BMX wheel set up. The bigger the axle the B.C wheel. other then that just use a bolt to screw on the plates (remember to make the plates long so they hang down far enough from the axel/bolt so you can cofortably put your feet on the plates without having the axel dig in)!
other then that enjoy !

Re: BC help

#1 Yes. Bicycle hubs are perfect for BC wheels.

#2 Front is better, there aren’t any nasty gears to shred your ankles on.

#3 Bedford Unicycles and GB4

#4 Its easy, take off the nut on the end, put the plates on the end of the axle, and put the nut back on. This is what I’m assuming you do I’ve never done it.

No…only if the axle is oversized 14mm or its just going to bend

when you tighten a plate down it wants to move with the direction the nut is turning, so getting them both flat and lined up is harder than just cranking down some bolts.

yep. guess you havent.