BC front wheel

Is the axle on a bc wheel supposed to be ONE piece? O the one my friend bought the axle moves independently on each side! That can’t be a front wheel, can it? After mounting the plates and bolting them on securley (They are not loose on the axle) I can still easily rotate the plates in opposite directions, and see each side of the axle rotate independent of the other. Why is this? Could they have sold us a rear wheel? (Again, the plates are NOT loose and turning around the axle.) :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Well the axle on any bike shouldn’t move like that, regardless of which side of the bike it goes on. So either you (or I) missunderstand what’s going on, it’s probablly a bum wheel…

Maybe the plates have bearings on them? All bike front axels are one piece as far as I know.

O the axle is broucken that happend to me once about 20 bucks for a new 1:) hope i helped

I took it the the LBS and the tech fixed it. He said the inner nuts were loose so he snugged those up and said that you need to hold those still while tightening the outer plate bolts. Seems to work fine now.:stuck_out_tongue: