Bc fourm

Title is self-explanatory.

If you meant “BC forum” its self-explanatory.

anyways, its a stupid idea. Theres not enough stuff to talk about in a BC forum.

Bull dingy, there’s heaps to talk about BCs! I amd totally for this idea. I think it’d be great!

I believe a BC forum would be a nice and quite place where you could meditate or something.

I mean in RSU we maybe see 1 BC post a week?

What you need is a BC thread.


I like to awnser peoples BC questions, and its hard skiming thru the tons ant tons of uni crap in RSU.

it may not be needed now, but i think as it grows a bc fourm might be good.

So start an all BC thread… At least it’s something for now.

You always say that 24 and 26 inchers are the best and all that but what about a 20"? Right now im stuck with a 16" off my old bicycle and some decent plates and a bent hub…(its so slow!) but will a 20" be as good as a 24" for just normal ridin? are they about the same speed?


Im not Evan but a 24" would be faster than a 20" but a 20" is perfect for just riding around. I think Evan is the only one with huge BCs. I can go pretty fast on my normal 20" but once you get to a point there are serius speed wobbles. It is probably alot better with my trials bc but the tire makes it harder to slow down and it rips my pants/shinguards after alot of slowing down so I don’t usually take it down hills.

Spencers a filthy liar.

20"s suck hardcore for anything but hoping really high, they are squirly little bitches and are slugs on the road. 26" is kinda big, 24" is teh perfect size for everything.

Ha you say that about him all the time.

Well he lies alot.


Just posting a bc discovory.

I found some neat rubber doodads in my garage from a company named “caplugs”. I found some that fit perfectly over the bolts that stick out, and avter putting some on I no longer get my shoes worn down when riding/jumping/etc.

I highly recomend getting some, but I’m still trying to figure out where they come from. (these are the kind I used: here)

Don’t those metal nubs hit your ankles, Evan? :smiley:

You bastard.

look, for all of you non-bcers…The bolts on a bc wheel place about where the ball of your foot is just on the top of your foot. if you messure, that is about 5" away from the the bolt, thats like hiting your ankle on the seat post clamp, it just dosnt make sence.

I ride with the bolts as close to my ankles as possible. For a n00b, it seems a lot more stable than having the ball of your foot in the center of the plate.

i think a BC forum would be a cool idea.

Mountain BC???

Hi guys,

Just wondered if anyone had ever tried mountain BC? I do have a BC, so I know this is insane. However, I generally suspect BC-ing doesnt’ go together with sanity anyhow! Obviously hopping over logs and stuff looks a bit likely, but bombing lumpy downhill tracks could be quite fun!

Thoughts? (I’m nowhere near trying this yet, but it has the sound of "so mad, someone else on unicyclist.com will have done it)


PS. a BC forum would be nice!